Disclaimer: This is a dramatisation (read: fictionalised story) on how we think the perfect boyfriend who’s a savvy ShopBacker would pamper his girlfriend.

Not sure if whipped or good boyfriend meme
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My girlfriend Sarah’s the biggest bookworm I know, hates having her picture taken, and is a huge Star Wars fan (I know she secretly takes pride in being such a nerd). She recently graduated, and is an official English Literature major… With no idea what she wants to do for work.

She’s pretty stressed. So for her birthday last week, I knew I needed to make her smile, big. I decided on a week-long pampering marathon- One gift for every day of the week leading up to her birthday.

I’ve been using Shopback for awhile, and I’m a serial Promo code hunter too. Sarah will attest to how irritating that can be sometimes. Whatever, it saves me a ton of money.

I had three weeks to get all her presents. Here’s how my gift-hunting online went.

Countdown: Day 1/7

Where's the wookie book
Image Credit: Book Depository

We’d seen this book before when we were out together once. I had to drag her away, and it was not fun. I was trying my luck on Book Depository, and the force was with me indeed, for I found the exact same one going at a 40% discount.

Original cost: RM69.40

Discounted cost: RM41.40

Price after cashback: RM39.70 (4% cashback)

Countdown: Day 2/7

Timberland original boots women
Image Credit: Zalora.sg

Honestly, I was pretty out of ideas by Day 2. So I texted Sarah’s best pal, ZW, and asked for ideas. “Oh, get her Timberland boots.” OK, I said. Do you want to share the present? She agreed, and roped in a few other friends. So I was off to Zalora. Thankfully, I was sharing out the cost with ZW, so we got to half the damage. I also signed up for their newsletter, and got RM25 off my order, including free delivery.

Original cost: RM 899.00 (RM449.5 each)

Discounted cost: RM874.00 (After RM25 discount)

Price after cashback: RM856.50 (2% cashback)

Countdown: Day 3/7

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
Image Credit: Hermo

After the Zalora buy, I was feeling a little guilty about spending so much, so I decided I would go a little easy on my wallet for Day #3. Sarah always complains about her pores, which I think are perfectly normal. So I went to Hermo and bought the first pore-related product I saw.

Original cost: RM115.00

Discounted cost: RM44.90 (After RM15 discount for first-time customers)

Price after cashback: RM41.80 (6.9% for all customers)

Countdown: Day 4/7

Cotton On Star Wars Shirt
Image Credit: Cotton On

At this point of the shopping, I feel like cutting the week-long pampering by half. But I persevere. And thankfully I did, because I found this on Cotton On.

Original cost: RM89.00

Price after cashback: RM72.10 (19% exclusive cashback for all customers)

Countdown: Day 5/7

So I cheated. Instead of getting her something for Day #5, I mailed her a note and told her when she could open it. Out of all the presents, this was the one that made Sarah cry. Haiya spend so much for what. I’m kidding. I guess it was worth it. Plus I took a much-needed break from meeting Sarah that day. I spent some quality time watching GoT instead.

Original cost: Free

Discounted cost: Also free

Countdown: Day 6/7

Hummus BBQ Nights
Image Credit: Pixabay

On day 6, I got some of her friends over to her place and we threw a little surprise party. We all shared the cost out between ourselves, and someone bought a small cake from downstairs. I ordered some food from BBQ Nights on honestbee, and got an extra RM29 discount off my order on Shopback.

Original cost: RM216.70

Discounted cost: RM187.70

Price after cashback: RM180.20 (4% cashback)

Countdown: Day 7/7

Cat & The Fiddle cake
The Modern Duke’s Pudding. Image Credit: Cat & The Fiddle

After a whole week of seeing Sarah non-stop, we both agreed to spend some extra time to ourselves the week after. I didn’t realise how tiring this would be! On her birthday, her parents took us and her siblings out to have dinner. I ordered her favourite cheesecake from Cat & The Fiddle, and we cut it after dinner was over.

Original cost: RM99.00

Price after cashback: RM93.06 (6% cashback for all customers)

Out of the RM1,488.10 spent (before subtracting shared costs of the Timberland boots and the get-together) I managed to save a total of RM204.70, and spent RM1,283.40. (I’ve been saving for the occasion.) This is the most I’ve ever spent for anyone’s birthday. But who cares? Sarah is a happy girl.

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*P.S. Keep a lookout for Qoo10 discount coupons.

*Featured Image Credit: freestocks.org | Pexels