Who can resist the rewards that the BCard offers? I bet you can’t.


Calling all BCard members, we have some good news for you. We know you love the rewards you get from your BCard membership and all the great things you can get from redeeming your hard earned points; I mean, not only do you get rewarded, you also get to save with merchant promotions exclusive to members! Since membership is free, the amazing deals and freebies to be redeemed from your hard-earned BPoints makes this humble card an endless treasure trove of savings and benefits!

But is it worth much more?


happybagWe at ShopBack want to make the experience better for you by taking your BCard game to a whole new level, with more merchants and more rewards!

Here’s the deal

As a BCard member, you have access to point collection from hundreds of affiliate merchants. Guess what, ShopBack is one of those merchants! Don’t really know who we are yet? We’re a local online shopping platform working on a cashback system that connects you to both local and international retailers.


So as BCard members, signing up with ShopBack will open a new portal for you where you will have access to over 300 more merchants from which you can collect points from!

What we’re offering…

For every RM1 spent through ShopBack, you gain 2X BPoint. This deal spreads out to all partner merchants on ShopBack’s site, and boy do we have a variety. From apparel to electronics, to travel and home appliances; you name it, we have it. ZALORA, Lazada, Newegg, AirAsiaGo, ASOS, Charles & Keith, Foodpanda… our list of merchants are diverse and constantly growing!

Check out our popular merchants here and visit the best deals on our site here!

It gets better

As mentioned before, ShopBack works on a cashback system. Here is a break-down on the process of how cashback works.

When you sign-up and make a purchase through a merchant on ShopBack, that merchant pays us a commission for our services. We take that commission and use it to pay YOU your cashback. Your cashback amount depends on each merchant. For example, if you purchase something for RM 500 from Lazada Malaysia, you will get 10% cashback from the purchasing price, which is RM 50.

shopback-creativeCashback isn’t a discount, it’s a cash rebate which you can withdraw from ShopBack to be banked in to your personal bank account or via PayPal. Also, you can use cashback ON TOP of discounts, meaning that you can still earn rebates during special deals and sales.

Put it all together…

Lets recap shall we. For every RM1 spent = 2X BPoint. Also, with every purchase you make through ShopBack, you get a percentage of that amount cashed back to you!

So lets say you book a hotel room from Hotels.com through ShopBack and it costs you RM 200 for the reservation; here’s the deal you get with our double BPoints and cashback combined!

RM 200 = 400 BPoints, worth RM 4
7% cashback from Hotels.com = RM 14 in return

So with combined rewards that you can get from BCard points along with your ShopBack cashback, you will be earning more as you spend!

This deal lasts until the 20th of April, 2015!


We’re doubling the fun by doubling your rewards. With the double BPoints, our various merchants, cashback, and discounts we’re offering; my goodness will you guys be getting a worthwhile deal! Sign-up with ShopBack Malaysia now to get more out of your BCard experience! Click here to visit our exclusive sign-up for BCard members!

*Keep a lookout for ZALORA promo codes and Lazada coupons!