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If you haven’t been keeping a proper skincare routine last year, 2016 is your chance to remedy the damage and bring your skin to the clear, bright and translucent complexion so often observed on the faces of Korean celebrities. One of the most important steps of any skincare routine is cleansing — to rid the skin of any dirt and impurities and to prepare it for optimal absorption for all the expensive moisturisers and serums.

The Koreans are especially fond of double cleansing — which refers to the act of makeup removal followed by a face wash — as they believe that this is the best way to thoroughly cleanse the skin. By using a face wash after makeup removal, you can be doubly sure that there is absolutely no makeup residue left on your face, which could potentially become a trigger for acne. There is a plethora of products available on Althea, to kickstart your journey to Korean perfection!

There are many products out there that you can purchase to include in your new Korean-style cleanse and here are some of their country’s favourites, in a variety of textures and for different skin types:

1. Makeup Remover

Korean Makeup Removers and Cleansers

There are many products designed for removing ma  keup, from micellar waters to oils, to fuss-free makeup wipes. The Korean preference definitely leans towards oils and cleansing balms, or what they term as “sherbets”, which are essentially semi-solid makeup removers that have the consistency of butter.

Oils and cleansing balms are extremely effective at melting down makeup, including waterproof mascara and sunblock. They also provide extra moisture while deep cleansing your face without the hassle of cotton pads.  A must-try if you like to streamline your routine or if you feel that your makeup takes too much effort to remove with your current remover. From affordable roadshop brands to cult beauty brands, there’s something out there for everyone so don’t ever sleep with makeup on again!

2. Facial Wash

Korean Cleansing Creams and Facial Washes

The beauty market in Korea is famed for its volatility as new products are launched every few months or so by intensely competitive brands all over the nation. Many brands or companies invest heavily in innovation and research in order to differentiate their products from other similar ones out there.

For facial wash alone, Korean brands have come out with a plethora of textures, from gel and cream to even mousse and milk. A rule of thumb is to use more foamy washes for oilier skin and less bubbly ones for drier skin types.

3. Lotion/Essence

Korean Skincare EssenceThis step is especially unique to the Korean skincare routine as it replaces the toner step more commonly seen in Western skincare routines. The whole idea is to never dry out your face, but moisturise it in thin, watery layers to keep moisture in and maintain that soft-focus glow and bounciness. Patting on a light lotion or essence immediately after cleansing ensures that the skin is not dehydrated after cleansing and allows nourishment to be fed to the skin at its cleanest, softest stage.

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