Have you just landed a first date? If so, you must now be incredibly stressed out by the perpetual question: what should I wear? It has always been said that first impressions matter, and they probably mean everything on a first date. Definitely, you would want to avoid both extremes — dressing too conservatively, or too revealingly. To help you pick the perfect outfit (and hopefully land a second date), we have a few outfit suggestions from ShopBop for a variety of types of dates. All that’s left for you to do is to pick your favourite outfit… and the perfect gentleman!

first date outfit idea

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1. The Classic Dinner Date

If you’re heading to a posh restaurant in town and your head is churning with worries of underdressing, fret no more — Shopbop has a plethora of perfectly classy dresses for you to spend a romantic evening in with your date.

Black has got to be the go-to colour for a dinner dress — it spells classy, elegant and sexy, all in one rocking outfit. Why not give this Black Halo Ally Mini Dress a try? Its sweetheart bodice and precise cutting accentuates your ladylike curves without being too revealing. Simply glam up the outfit with minimalist accessories, a pair of strappy red heels and killer red lips to add a pop of colour. In this case, less is certainly more!

Black Halo Ally Mini Dress

Black Halo Ally Mini Dress | RM 1309

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Bianca Small Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Bianca Small Necklace | RM 677 

However, if you are going for a more feminine look, give the Self Portrait Azaelea Dress a shot. Its intense berry red colour and intricate lace crochet give off a romantic vibe, and is sure to make your date swoon! Complete the look with loose curls in your hair and you’re good to go.

Self Portrait Azaelea Dress

Self Portrait Azaelea Dress | 2109 RM

2. The Scenic Date At The Park

Have you and your date opted for a more relaxing trip to the park away from the hustle and bustle? Be sure to prepare lots of food and drinks, and don’t forget the sunscreen! To save yourself from the torture of a sweat-fest and consequently an oily mass of hair, remember to opt for something lightweight and flowy. A perfect outfit would certainly be Lovers + Friends’ swingy off-shoulder top with a pair of simple white frayed shorts from True Religion. Put on a pair of strappy sandals or sneakers and you’re ready for a day of fun in the sun!

Lovers + Friends Life's A Beach Top

Lovers + Friends Life’s A Beach Top | RM 606True Religion joey cutoff shorts

True Religion Joey Cutoff Shorts | RM 742

3. The Intellectual Date

If you and your date have scored a pair of tickets to the musical or an art show, the dress code would definitely be smart. However, dressing smart doesn’t necessarily equate to that of boring office wear — here are some outfits that are sure to turn heads!

This sleek Herve Leger dress is the perfect shade of alabaster that is simple yet elegant at the same time — and its off shoulder cutting adds an edge to this simple outfit. The boat neckline and ribbed design adds a sophisticated twist to the signature bandage dress, making it the perfect outfit for you and your date to appreciate art in.Herve Leger Carmen Off Shoulder Dress

Herve Leger Carmen Off Shoulder Dress | RM 4173

Here’s another outfit to play around with: a simple and flowy v-neck top, paired with a fun floral print blazer to take off the corporate vibe. Pair it with black pants, chunky heels and a statement necklace and voila! You now have a smart outfit perfect for an intellectual date.

Diane von Furstenberg Vinley BlazerDiane von Furstenberg Vinley Blazer | RM 1748
Vince Satin Trim V-neck Top

Vince Satin Trim V-neck Top | RM 1296

4. The Laidback Movie Date

Let’s not forget the popular choice of going to the movies for the first date — you definitely have to be in something casual and comfortable to truly enjoy the movie. While you certainly can’t turn up in your old sweats, you can still look effortlessly stylish without sacrificing comfort. Try throwing on a printed romper similar to that of Keepsake’s, which has a vibrant floral print with just the right amount of ease, without intimidating your date!

Keepsake Long Division Romper

Keepsake Long Division Romper | 702 RM

And the number of date-worthy outfits are endless, especially with a smorgasbord of clothing for you to choose from at Shopbop! This luxurious fashion retailer carries over 1,500 designer brands for you to take your pick from, and should certainly be your top shopping destination when choosing an outfit for a date especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

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All images are from Shopbop.com, unless otherwise stated.

All prices are correct as of 20 January 2016.