MY Cyber Sale 2015

Qoo10 is one of the participants in the upcoming biggest online event in Malaysia which promises to be the biggest online sale extravaganza of the year. Before it starts Qoo10 is dishing out goodies in the form of vouchers and more, so in preparation of your shopping  journey, we have decided to give you a helping hand in maximizing your pre-sale experience.

1. Event #1: Discount Coupons

Qoo10 is giving out discount coupons with minimum purchases that you can use during the days of the sale itself. Here are some great recommendations from us on what to spend on in order to get the vouchers.

a. RM 5 Voucher


Recommended purchase:  2015 Samsung Super Slim Power Bank 20000mAh 150g for only RM 49.90.


One of the most annoying and anxiety-inducing things that can happen to you is to have to go out in to the world without a functioning smartphone. Well never run out of juice again with the 2015 Samsung Super Slim Power Bank 20000mAh 150g portable charger. Its high capacity ensures multiple charges per ‘full tank’.

b. RM 10 Voucher


Recommended purchase: SonicGear Mini Dock 1 Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker With Resting Dock for only RM 62.54


Now that you’ve got a surplus of battery power for you phone, why not put it to good use with the Sonic Gear Mini Dock 1 Bluletooth 2.0 Speaker With Resting Dock. This wireless speaker provides a smooth sound despite it’s very portable and small frame. It has the security of a phone dock to keep your phone safely in place.

c. RM 20 Voucher


Recommended purchase: New Style Powerful Vacuum Clean Robot / 2015 Japan Clean Robot for only RM 89.95


Everyone hates vacuuming, if someone says otherwise they’re a liar. Its backbreaking work and there are better things to do with your time than torture yourself with this chore. Why not just do all the things you enjoy and just let the New Style Powerful Vacuum Clean Robot / 2015 Japan Clean Robot do all the vacuuming for you? This little home-buddy has automatic dust detection and runs on batteries to leave your floors and carpet spick and span.

d. Mobile App: 30% discount

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Recommended purchase: {JMI} Fadish 5-pieces Bag in Bag Travel Organizer – 5 Colours for only RM 31.50


This 5-piece bag series that comes in a choice 5 colors is an ultra-useful tool to help you maximize luggage space so you know you’re safe to continue shopping till you drop. It is also a handy tool to keep your contents neatly packed even though you have to retrieve something from your luggage since you can compartmentalize all your belongings in to different bags.

e. Mobile app: 50% discount

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Recommended purchase: 30×60 Day And Night Camping Travel Vision Spotting Scope 126m/1000m Optical military Folding Binoculars Telescope for only RM 58.00


This product is perfect for some fun animal spotting activities when you’re out and about in one of Malaysia’s many national parks or when you’re out in a sporting event or a concert. Comes with night vision too for when lighting conditions are not ideal.

Event #2: Free RM 5 KFC Voucher

Other than discount coupons, Qoo10 is also giving away KFC Vouchers worth RM 5 but you have to be quick though as only 100 vouchers are being given out! Giveaway starts at 9 AM everyday.

Here are the steps to redeem your voucher:

1. Install Qoo10 MY app
2. Visit the event using the app
3. Click the button “Get Now!”
4. Get the free voucher by licking on the “Buy Now” Button


Event #3: Get Free 200 QPoints

Get Free 200 Qpoints by just downloading the Qoo10 MY app and following some simple steps.

1. Download and install Qoo10 Malaysia App
2. Sign in or create an account if you are a Qoo10 new member
3. Launch Qoo10 Malaysia app after installation
4. Please swipe and click on the event banner on top of the homepage
5. Terms and conditions apply


PROTIP: Shop with ShopBack

When you shop with ShopBack, you get cashback, easy as that! And get this, if you shop within the period of the event, you get to enjoy increased cashback of 12% of the final amount spent (usual 10%).

Well that’s it, now you’re really ready, so shop on with Qoo10 coupons!


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