Imagine having snowball fights or building a snowman, like in those Hollywood movies. Wouldn’t that be an awesome experience for many of us? But how should you pack for your winter holiday?

Should you bring more clothes or less? Which clothing items are important?

Whether this is your first time seeing winter or your tenth time, here are some tips we have on how you should pack for your winter holiday!

1) Pack Light!

Luggage Pack Snowman Winter Holiday Vacation Snow
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Yes, winter is cold. But that does not mean you have to bring two huge suitcases filled with clothes just to keep yourself warm for your winter holiday.

What you can do is make sure you have enough clothes for two full outfits, one to wear from day to day and one as a spare. This excludes the winter coat (since you only need one) and underwear (as those are important for hygiene purposes unless you intend to wash them every day in your hotel room).

2) Thermals: Thin But Insulating

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Thermals (top and leggings) are thin so they save luggage space when you pack them. But just because they are thin does not mean they would not keep you warm!

Thermals act as a way to take away moisture from your body (you do sweat in winter!), which helps keep your body temperature regulated and warmer in colder conditions.

3) Layer Your Clothes!

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Layering is important as different fabrics and layers functional differently. If combined together properly, you will be able to make the most out of your winter clothing and keep yourself warm.

For instance, the inner layer should be made from synthetic fibres to allow moisture to evaporate. Middle layers are meant to trap air close to your body and keep you warm, while the outermost layer is like your armour against the winter weather’s attack!

4) Winter Coats: Fashionable + Functional

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Your armour against the bite of the wind and what pulls your layers together, we don’t have to say how important it is to have a good winter coat.

Of course, having one that is functional does not mean you have to forgo style! In fact, there are many brands that offering a perfect combination of both so that you will be warm while also look good in all of your holiday photos!

5) Waterproof Clothes

Waterproof Clothing Snowball Winter Snow Jacket Coat Shoes
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Winter means snow and snow is basically frozen particles of water that will melt when it comes into contact with heat.

Having waterproof pants, gloves, shoes and winter coat are essential! This way you get to thoroughly enjoy the winter experience, without worrying that you would catch a cold when the snow melts.

6) Accessorise!

Accessorise Winter Gloves Scarves Ear Mufflers Hats Snow Cold
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Hats, socks and scarves are the way to go when accessorizing in winter! On top of making your outfit look great, these small items can also keep you warm during winter.

And if your winter outfit is full of neutral/solid colours, accessories can help to add colours and patterns to it!

7) Hand Warmers Are Your Best Buddies!

Hand Warmers Reusable Gel
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Some people tend to be very sensitive to the cold. Why not bring a couple of hand warmers with you? You can either get the one-time use ones from Daiso or scout around for the gel ones that can be reused over and over again.

You could also get electric hand warmers, like this one that looks like a bao from Taobao. To search for one on Taobao, download the ShopBack Cashback Buddy, and search for 暖手宝包子 (roughly translated as hand warmer bao) using the extension:

taobao shopback cashback buddy

You’ll get it for 78 – 99 yuan, and up to 10% cash rewards when shopping  Taobao coupons though ShopBack.

Winter is a great season to experience — and it doesn’t just happen in December (so prep for your new year and Chinese New Year trips)! Just make sure that you are prepared before you go on your holiday so that you won’t fall sick.

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*Featured Image Credit: Pigoff PhotographY | Unsplash