The following tips are for all picnic virgins and people who hate picnics because of the trouble. Forget the lame and flimsy picnic mats and silly impractical baskets that girls bring. These items are going to change your whole perspective on picnics – you’re going to look super badass out there. Show everyone how real picnics are done.

1. Get a comfy chair. You know, the sort that directors sit on. It looks outdoorsy , is light to transport around and idiot-proof when it comes to setting up. You’ll be way more comfortable than sitting on the hard ground with ants crawling all over your feet. Major plus point: you’ll look really cool.


2. Remember all those times when insects started invading your carefully prepared food? Or when the picnic mat just sucked too much for comfort? Check out this one piece foldable table that comes with four chairs. It’s made of aluminium so it’s also pretty light and super convenient because it folds up.


3. Everyone needs a rainbow hammock, period. Cosy up with your date and enjoy the semi-privacy that this hammock will allow.


4. Want to picnic outdoors but too afraid of the sun? Check out this ginormous tent that you can set up yourself easily. No need to worry about other enroaching on your space because this is going to keep everyone away. Watch as you receive jealous, incredulous stares.


5. The best part of picnics is falling asleep with the wind in your hair and the sound of the sea but how do we expect to do that if its so uncomfortable on the ground? Check out this safari bed that can be folded up. Place this under your giant tent and you’ll be good to go



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