Whether you’re a commuter or you own a car, you need to spend a bit of cash to get to anywhere. However, transportation could cost you a few bucks especially if you’re not wise about it.

Saving on transportation cost at any way can already convert to huge savings. So if you’re up for it, here are a few tips we know how and see which one works for you!

For the environmentalists

Save gas. Save the environment. Ride a bike or skateboard!

Some of you may want to save Mother Earth from gas fumes. The best way to go around the city for environmentalists like you is to either ride a bike or skateboard.

Skateboarding and biking can save you from spending for gas. This is one great step to help save the environment, too. To be honest, you don’t even have to be an environmentalist to take this advice!

The investment might be quite big if you compare it to commuting, but it’s obviously cheaper than driving your own car.

If you still think buying your own bike and safety gear is too much, you can check out for discounted ones, like in 11Street for example, so you can save a few bucks.

For the commuters

Plan your route and save on your commute.

Commuting, in itself, is already saving money but the costs could still be minimised anyway.

If you’re going to more than one place in a day, plan your itinerary. It might now be a grand travel or vacation, but planning where to go first can help you save fare and time. The tendency is if you don’t, you might be going back and forth from one direction to another.

Consider this. If you’re from somewhere south and would travel going north, try to travel in such a way that you stop whatever is in between your destination first. Or you can go straight north and just drop by the other stops you need to make when you head back south.

There are different modes of public transport. You can take the rail, ferry, or coach. You can also book cabs or vehicles using TNCs like Grab and Uber.

These modes of transportation actually have apps or booking services you can use which offers great transport deals. That’s additional savings from what you can already save from commuting.

For self-drivers

You can keep the expenses low even when gas prices are high.

Driving your own car is really convenient. However, it’s the most costly mode of transport. Car prices, maintenance, insurance, plus gas prices! Yikes!

However, you can’t just simply give up driving your car just because of these costs. If you can actually afford them, why not? But it would be great to lower your gas expenses to have a bit of savings.

You can earn discounts and cash backs if you sign up for a credit card which offers special promos or loyalty rewards on petrol purchases. These may be just little discounts compared to the price you actually pay for a full tank, but these can actually turn into great savings when they start to accumulate.

And if you want some extra income, you can be a Grab or Uber partner at the side during your free time.

You earn money while helping other passengers (like the commuters above) in saving for their transport expenses.

For the backpackers, jetsetters, and wanderlusts

Save on airfare so you can travel more.

Well, we’re definitely not counting this out.

Traveling to different places also entail transport expenses. These can cost quite much and it seems impossible to score great promos.

Booking a plane is the most expensive when it comes to traveling. Good thing that there are airlines like AirAsia Go or Malaysia Airlines where you can score cheaper domestic and international flights. There are also booking sites like Expedia and CheapAir.com which features discounted airfare.

The thing about traveling is you constantly go anywhere to enjoy the entire trip. Transport costs could skyrocket before you even notice it.

If you’re traveling on a budget, it’s better to go as a group so you can split the costs. Not only for transport but for food and accommodation as well. You and your family or friends can get tour packages or if someone knows how to drive, rent a car for self-drive.

You don’t only enjoy lesser transport costs, you also get to enjoy a great company in a beautiful place.

Getting around the city from home to work (or school) or in a new place always comes with a price. It might be hefty at times, but we all it’s worth it; or in the case of work and school, it’s needed.

Setting aside a few savings from your transport costs can actually be huge savings in the long run. It’s all a matter of managing your route and your time.

But most of these are knowing where to get the best value out of your money. Search for alternative ways of savings. Look around for apps and their discount codes. It’s never wrong to be a bit frugal.

You can also have a little help from an app like Shopback who gives you cashbacks on your transport expenses.

These suggestions might be too tech-driven, but this is 2017 already! Jump on the bandwagon and let technology be your friend when it comes to saving. You’ll be thankful you’ve hopped right in.