Opened by Alibaba, AliExpress is an online shopping platform where consumers can purchase items from brands and individual sellers. The site is fully accessible in English with shipping readily available to any buyer across the globe. With a variety of major categories such as ‘fashion’, ‘electronics’ and ‘home improvement’, there’s a ton of products to shop for. If you don’t know where to get started, stay tuned till the end of the article for some of the most worth-it items you can purchase on AliExpress!

You might wonder if it is safe to purchase products from AliExpress. The answer is: Yes, it is safe! To protect you, AliExpress keeps your money until you confirm your product. So, don’t worry about it and shop away!

How To Shop On AliExpress – and Save with Cashback from ShopBack!

Image Credit: AliExpress
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  2. Sign up an account on AliExpress to grab your coupons and save items in the cart
  3. Login to your ShopBack account and search for AliExpress
  4. Click on ‘Get Deal’ and get redirected to AliExpress page
  5. Shop like how you would on any other online portals, without closing the tab/app until you check out
  6. Choose your preferred shipping, enter any coupons you need and make payment
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Tips Before Buying

Shopping on AliExpress might be daunting for new customers. But with some tips, you’d be on your way to a great shopping experience.

1. Look out for trustworthy sellers

Seller's feedback section on AliExpress
Image Credit: ESSAGER Official Store on AliExpress

The first thing to note is no doubt the seller’s reputation. Hover over the ‘detailed seller ratings’ for a quick overview. Or click into their feedback page.Each score is given on a scale, out of five. The higher the number of positive feedback, the more credible the store is. As a general rule of thumb, ratings above 4.7 is considered really good!

2. Product Details, Shipping, Payment

Product details on AliExpress
Image Credit: LIGE Official Store on AliExpress

Before making purchases, be sure to take note of the ‘Product Details’ as well as ‘Shipping & Payment‘ information. If you need a better idea of the product itself, check out the ‘Feedback‘ tab, where reviews are left by fellow shoppers like you.

3. Return policies and Delivery

AliExpress seller information and score screenshot
Image Credit: Shein on AliExpress

Last but not least, a quick check to the ‘Seller Guarantee‘ section will let you learn about the store’s return policies and delivery times. Always reach out to the sellers if you have any questions!

Daily Flash Deals And Other Collections

Image Credit: AliExpress

There are daily flash deals held every 48 hours, where prices of goods are lowered for a limited amount of time. Quantity is limited as well, so grab them as quickly as you see them. These deals can be found both on the mobile app and desktop version, with the related price-slashes shown on the product itself.

Besides Flash Deals, there are other tabs and collections to be explored, such as the brand new ‘Brand Zone‘, featuring new official stores on AliExpress. Meanwhile, ‘New User Zone’ is a page with massive discounts for new users.

Shop On The Go With The AliExpress app

Image Credit: AliExpress

AliExpress also have their own shopping app available on both iOS and Android. The mobile app boasts of special sales, price discounts, and even games to win coupons during their large-scaled sales event.

Another neat feature of the mobile app is the ability to upload or snap photos of items you would like to purchase; the app will scour the site and look out for similar items that fit the bill. This way, you can shop easily and compare prices wherever you are, whenever you like!

Worth-it Products to get from AliExpress

Don’t know where to start? Here are some affordable products from stores that have been around for years. These items – ranging from electronics, beauty & accessories, to fashion – are cheaper than what you can probably get in Malaysia.

Perfect as gifts, or just to keep for yourself!

1. Electronic Gadgets

Bluetooth Wireless Earphones
Image Credit: HKFZ Official Store on AliExpress

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Waterproof fitness smartwatch
Image Credit: LIGE Official Store on AliExpress
  • Item: Touchscreen Fitness Smartwatch
  • Price: From RM 93.36
  • Shipping: Free via AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • Seller’s Ratings: 95.3% Positive Feedback

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Wireless Charging Pad
Image Credit: Essager Official Store on AliExpress
  • Item: Wireless Charging Pad
  • Price: From RM 20.30
  • Shipping: Free via Cainiao Super Economy Global
  • Seller’s Ratings: 97.6% Positive Feedback

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2. Beauty & Accessories 

Gel Nail Polish
Image Credit: Rosalind RC Nail Store on AliExpress
  • Item: Gel Nail Polish
  • Price: From RM 4.24
  • Shipping: Free via SunYou Economic Air Mail
  • Seller’s Ratings: 96.3% Positive Feedback

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Vintage Star & Moon Lucky Charm Necklace
Image Credit: Thaddeus Store on AliExpress

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3. Fashion

Womens' blazer
Image Credit: Amii Official Store on AliExpress

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V-neck Floral Sundress
Image Credit: Aachoae Apparel Store on AliExpress
  • Item: V-neck Floral Sundress
  • Price: From RM 43.40
  • Shipping: RM 5.32 via AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • Seller’s Ratings: 96.9% Positive Feedback

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All prices listed in the table above are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change without prior notice.

And with that, we conclude our comprehensive guide to shopping on AliExpress! If you find something you fancy, don’t forget that you can save on your purchase with AliExpress coupons and flash deals.

You can also copy & paste the product link here to see if the item is available for ShopBack Cashback to sweeten up the deal. Happy shopping!