If you are wondering how to shop on Taobao, this guide is definitely for you.

As most of you would probably already know, Taobao is an online store that offers incredible value – this is very apparent when compared against prices that you’ll see in shopping malls (almost half the price!)

And if you ever buy anything on Taobao, you should really use Shopback – for reason we will tell you soon. So read on and be informed about one of internet shopping’s biggest sensation.

For this first installment we will show you how to create the necessary accounts in order to be able to start shopping at Taobao. Even though the website is run in Simplified Chinese, let that not worry you, we have carefully inserted visual cues so you won’t get lost even if you don’t understand the language.

1. Create an account on ShopBack

For those not already in the know, ShopBack is a cashback platform and by that we mean, Shopback actually pays you cold hard cash  (up to 10% of your final purchase amount) every time you complete a purchase transaction online!

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I dare say that this is the most crucial step for the perfect Taobao experience and here is how you do it. It’s pretty simple really.


Step 1: Go to https://www.shopback.my/signup
Step 2: Enter your email address
Step 3: Create a password
Step 4: Click the red button below

And you’re on your way to a good start to your Taobao experience!

2. Create your Taobao Account


Step 1: Go to taobao.com (you will be redirected to http://world.taobao.com/) and make sure the Malaysian flag is on the top left hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Click on the “注册” button


Step 3: A pop-up will appear, clicking on the red button.

Step 4: Click on English and the sign-up form will be translated into English then proceed to input your information.

Step 5: Input your email, slide to verify, input the verification code then click submit. Lastly, click on the “Next” button.

Step 6: You will then have to key in your phone number after which an SMS will be sent to your phone containing the verification code which you will have to enter afterwards.

Step 7: Upon receiving a confirmation email, you will then have to log in to your email account. Upon clicking on the link in the email you will be redirected to the registration page where you will be prompt to enter your password and username.


Step 8: Click on your username at the top right hand corner to activate a drop-down menu.

Step 9: On the drop-down menu click on the button (refer to the arrow labeled 9. pointing to the Chinese characters which means account management) edit your account details.


Step 10: Click on the button (refer to the arrow labeled 10.) which means  “shipping”.


Step 11: Click on the drop-down button labeled “11.” and make sure it is set as “海外其他” – which means “Overseas & Others”.

Step 12: Click on the drop-down button labeled “12.” and make sure it is set as “马来西亚” – which means “Malaysia” then input the rest of the details as shown on the picture above before clicking the red button to save.

Now you’re done with your Taobao account, up next is how to set-up your Alipay account for payment purposes.

3. Create your Alipay account

Upon creating your Taobao account, you will then receive an email from Alipay which is in Mandarin but you can view it in English simply by clicking on the “Translate” button.

Step 1: Click on the orange button at the bottom of the email to be directed to Alipay’s website from where you can use your Taobao account details to log in.


Step 1: Upon entering your login details you will be presented with this page. Enter your details into the respective slots. Refer to the picture above to see which detail is to be entered in.

Arrow 1.: 6 digit number as your pin

Arrow 2.: Re-enter your 6 digit pin number

Arrow 3.: Your name

Arrow 4.: Your gender (Left option is Male whilst right option is female)

Arrow 5.: Your proof of identity. (You can do this later using Google translate. Just choose the last option from the drop-down list for now)

Arrow 6.: Enter your IC or passport number.

Step 2:

As you scroll down you will need to enter more details, refer to the arrows below to see which is which.


Arrow 7.: Occupation – you can use Google translate to pinpoint your exact occupation.

Arrow 8.: For left most drop-down menu, pick Malaysia or 马来西亚, for the middle drop-down menu pick the second one on the list or “海外”, and the final one there will only be one choice for you to pick. After which, you can click on the orange button at the bottom to complete this form.

Arrow 9.: Enter your shipping address here.

Now that’s done, you’re basically set to start your shopping with Taobao but be sure to shop with ShopBack so you’ll be up for some sweet, sweet cashback. On top of that, there are many Taobao coupons up for grabs!

 Shop now at Taobao!

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Be sure to catch our next instalment and we’ll show you how to effectively search for products on Taobao, check for seller reliability and also get cashback from ShopBack!


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