Humans Of ShopBack

Today is the eve of ShopBack Malaysia’s 1st Anniversary. Thus, we have come to the final feature of #HumansOfShopBack where we put a face – and a smile to the online cashback website that we have come to know and love alot! Join us as we the countdown to day with the people who has made it all possible! Celebrations are abound and you’re invited!

Last but not least in this list feature is the main man himself, Gil. As the Country Head of ShopBack Malaysia, nothing gets by without his seal of approval. So he maintains constant vigilance on all departments to ensure only the best goes out to all our valued users. So lets see what goes on in the mind of the man behind it all!


Tell us more about yourself, Gil! Hobbies, favourite food, whether you wet your toothbrush before or after putting on toothpaste, anything. Fill us in!

Between racing cars and surfing is hard to tell which one fills in my soul the most, good quality food is my favorite food as my shape describes, enjoy a good time spend with family and friends and good book. I like to make life simple

So…how’s life in ShopBack? Everything cool?

Amazing people, customers and a fast pace business; all of these fill in my day in a fantastic way. What more can I ask for?

We understand you’re from Europe. So tell us, what is the most Malaysian trait you’ve developed?

The love for murtabak, or a roti canai, lah!

What made you want to be part of ShopBack?

Drive, its rather hard to find such a powerful business machine as ShopBack is, the entire group team I mean.

What sort of motivation gets you off your bed every morning as a person?

Passion, I love what I do. That makes me want to do more of it and better, every day.


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Besides the obvious temptations of shopping online during office hours, what are some of the hardships you’ve faced whilst working in ShopBack?

Would be great to have that opportunity to grab the awesome deals we pump in the market together with our merchants but time goes fast at MY office.

How has ShopBack changed your life both as an employee and as a consumer? Any particular moments of note that you wish to share with our readers?

Well, if I already used to shop online, now I even do it more often with the cashback I am able to get from previous shopping. And as a family-man, I do have a sizable amount of recurring expenses and the cashback really, really does help!

Any differences between ShopBack Malaysia day 1 and ShopBack Malaysia year 1?

Main difference is how known we are now and how known we were then, adding to it of course, the many lessons we have learned along the way. Of course there are still lots more to be done. Sitting on our laurels is not going to keep us at number 1. 😉

What would you like to wish ShopBack Malaysia for their upcoming anniversary?

A delightful Campaign day with a great impact amongst Malaysians whom will be able to save even further during this special day. A lot of surprises are expected for the 22nd of Feb, Monday. Stay tuned!

There you go, words from the man in charge himself! And like he said, stay tuned for many surprises as we celebrate ShopBack Malaysia’s 1st Anniversary!

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