Street food in Asia

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Street food represents the heart and soul of a city, bringing people from all walks of life together. It reflects the history and culture of a city like the Banh Mi of Vietnam the Balut of the Philippines. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most recognisable street food dishes out there and places you can stay in on your foodie adventure with

1. Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

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Where to stay: Secrets St. James Montego Bay – Luxury All Inclusive
Price per night from RM 2648.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 24899.12

Jerk chicken is Jamaica’s most iconic dish and is literally chicken marinated in jerk sauce. True connoisseurs of this dish know that authentic Jerk Chicken is smoked and not grilled, using pimento wood which gives it its distinctive smoky flavour.

2. Ceviche, Peru

Ceviche, Peru

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Where to stay: Hotel & Spa Golf Los Incas
Price per night from RM 615.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 578.10

Ceviche is widely available in Peru. The love for ceviche is so strong that it is considered Peru’s national dish. It is essentially fresh raw fish seasoned with a citrusy sauce, onions and spices such as salt and pepper.

3. Banh Mi, Vietnam

Banh Mi, Vietnam

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Where to stay: Hotel Des Arts Saigon Mgallery Collection
Price per night from RM 694.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 652.36

As far as sandwiches go, Vietnam has the formula down to a tee. Made with a lighter version of the French baguette stuffed with meat (pork, beef, ham etc.), cilantro, cucumber, tomato and pickles. This dish alludes to Vietnam’s past as a French Colony — possibly the best thing to have ever come out of it.

4. Bakso, Indonesia

Bakso, Indonesia

Where to stay: Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
Price per night from RM 476.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 447.44

Forget the satay, when it comes to iconic Indonesian street food, Bakso comes out tops. Common are the sights of street peddlers setting up Bakso stalls from the back of their motorbike where you get to enjoy these meatball noodles served in a savoury broth squatting down by the roadside — truly an experience.

5. Crepes, Paris

Chocolate Crepes, Paris

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Where to stay: Hotel Eugène en Ville
Price per night from RM 430.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 404.20

There is nothing more romantic than walking the streets of Paris sharing a piece of crepe with the love of your life. These crepes usually come in two varieties — the savoury and sweet.

6. Currywurst, Germany

Currywurst, Germany

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Where to stay: Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt
Price per night from RM 464.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 436.16

Currywurst is an eclectic dish to say the least. It has its roots in the years after World War II.  It is a hearty dish of German sausage with a generous dollop of spiced or curried tomato sauce topped with a sprinkle of curry powder.

7. Quesadillas, Mexico

Quesadillas, Mexico

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Where to stay: W Mexico City
Price per night from RM 874.00
Price per night after cashback: RM 821.56

Mexican dishes are the ultimate comfort food. This corn tortilla wrap is usually filled with cheese, salsa, guacamole and chopped meat. The best and most authentic of these Quesadillas are usually found hawked on the streets, so be sure to keep a look out when you’re out travelling in Mexico.

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All prices are correct as of 15th January 2016.