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During the Ramadan period, two main meals (Sehri and Iftar) are served. It’s important to know what foods to eat in order to help you sustain your fast, and also ensure your health is in good shape while you partake in the holy month.

For young mothers who need to take extra care with the nutritional intake and diets of your families and yourselves, it can be difficult to juggle preparing for everyday’s Sehri and Iftar.  Here are are some food tips and nutritional guides you might want to take note of to prepare for Ramadan.

Sehri: More Important Than You Think

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For most families, the Sehri and Iftar meals consist of a big, savoury spread. After all, the bigger the spread, the better you can sustain your fast, right?

It’s actually more important to focus on the quality of your food, and the kind of energy your food gives you, instead of just focusing on how much you eat. The Sehri meal needs to be well-balanced so that you have enough energy to sustain the long hours of the fast. You have to eat even if you don’t feel hungry.

Not only should you consume lots of protein, such as meat or eggs, you also need to consume lots of fibre and high-fibre carbohydrates. The type of meat you consume for protein is also really important. Choose meat that are high in protein and low in fats, which can do wonders for your immune system.

Foods Rich in Fibre

  • All kinds of fruits and vegetables, with at least 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits each day
  • Date and nuts are also a good alternative, especially for breaking fast.

Foods Rich in High-fibre Carbohydrates

  • Brown rice, wholemeal bread, lentils, black beans, broccoli 

Foods Rich in Protein, Low in Fat

  • Skinless chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products

Healthier Ways To Prepare Food

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Besides paying attention to the types of food you consume, it’s also important to pay attention to the way you prepare you food. Opting to use less oil is a great way to make healthier meals. You can choose to steam, grill, bake or shallow fry instead of deep frying meats.

Additionally, it’s also good to use oils that are high in unsaturated fats such as canola oil, soybean oil, and olive oil. You could also prepare some salads with beans, lentils, avocado or broccoli or kale (basically any food that’s high in fibre) and drizzle some oil on top to make sure you’ll feel fuller throughout the day.

Iftar: Delivery and Take Out

With today’s hectic lifestyle, it can be difficult to prepare for meals day after day. An easier way to have your Iftar meals is through takeout. Take out can often be seen as unhealthy and imbalanced when it comes to nutritional value, especially if you decide to order something greasy. But healthier options are always available — if you know where to look.

Eat Clean KL

eat clean klImage credit: Eat Clean KL | Facebook

Scroll through a wide range of healthy and delicious food options on Eat Clean KL! Its meals are all made from fresh produce and organic ingredients! With a range of vegetables, whole grain and a selection of meat available in their menu, Eat Clean KL definitely lives up to its name!

DISH by ili

dish by iliImage Credit: DISH by ili | Facebook

If you live in Klang Valley and would like to order some homecooked food served in a tiffin can for Iftar, DISH by ili can help. A small tiffin (2 – 3 pax) will set you back RM50, while a big tiffin (5 – 6 pax) will cost RM100. Their menu changes every week, so don’t be afraid of getting sick of their food.

Amazingraze and Root Cellar KL

amazingraze root cellar klImage Credit: DISH by ili, Amazingraze, Root Cellar KL | GoodwillandEats Oddle

This year, DISH by ili are also partnering with Amazingraze and Root Cellar KL for Ramadan and Raya goodies like Date & Orange Ginger Cookies, Ginger flower Shortbread, Rose & Macadamia Granola, and Kaya & Pandan Nut Mix. These are great to carry around with you so you can break fast even if you’re on the move. You can, of course, order them from Amazingraze and Root Cellar KL themselves, but they probably won’t come in a nice basket or box like the ones on DISH by ili.

It’s important to prepare your body for the changes in diet during Ramadan, especially for young mothers who need to take extra care of their nutritional intake. There are other nutritional areas which you should look out for as well! If meal preps are too much of a hassle, there are always healthy halal food deliveries available. Foodpanda has on-boarded several restaurants from which you can place your order and have it delivered to your home. Be sure to take advantage of Foodpanda promos if you do so!

Having heavy meals at the beginning and at the end of the day may not be the best way to sustain your energy during the fasting period. Remember to avoid overeating after sundown and to eat high fibre food in the morning.

*First Published 25 May 2017, Last Updated 15 May 2018