Whether it’s a present to yourself or to someone else, dainty jewellery are go to accessories to glow up an entire outfit or even change a vibe to your entire aesthetic. These are a couple of online stores that features beautiful and some even affordable simple pieces that may spark your interest.


Image Credits: Poppylab

If you are looking for dainty jewellery that are inspired by the “island vibes” or anything to do with the beach, Poppylab will definitely interest you! Poppylab was featured on My Modern Met, Mad Markets, FEMALE Magazine, Bored Panda, Metro UK, and Design Taxi. While you scroll in Poppylab’s website, you can expect unique and boho-esque island items besides their jewellery section like bags, beach towels, and temporary tattoos. There are plenty of designs that are handmade in Malaysia, you’ll be able to get them at affordable prices and also do check out their sale section for even better deals!

Website: https://www.poppylab.com/


Image Credits: Mejuri

Mejuri is more popular within the U.S region, however if you’re looking into getting luxurious and quality dainty jewellery for reasonable prices look no further! The company works with top jewellers with amazing craftsmanship to produce exceptional quality jewellery. They use quality materials like 14k Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, and Gold Vermeil. Mejuri has been showcased on Vogue, Refinery29, Business Insider, Forbes, and ELLE. Mejuri even collaborated with popular Youtuber Jenn Im, also used to be known as clothesencounter on the platform.

Website: https://mejuri.com/

Made Different Co

Image Credits: Made Different Co

Made Different Co originally started in Singapore, creating stunning custom jewellery that can also be personalized based on your liking. You’ll definitely take a while on their website scrolling through dainty jewellery like bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. They’ve collaborated with Meadows and Clouds to create jewellery and floral arrangements in a package. Made Different Co’s simplicity will draw your attention to fine and perfectly crafted jewellery that are only charged a fraction of the price.

Website: https://www.madedifferent.co/

Minimalist Lab

Image Credits: Minimalist Lab

Minimalist Lab crafts sleek and tiny jewellery, to present a more elegant and minimalist tone as dainty jewellery are more timeless and versatile. The company understands the importance of gifting as well so they offer free gift packaging to their customers. The service includes silver or gold-debossed message card, packed in a sturdy gold-debossed gift box, tied with a silver satin ribbon, and topped with a gold greeting label. The gift packaging is available in three different designs, customers can pick your greeting label in the drop-down menu of every product page, and a hand-written message will be done for you at the back of the label. Customers can also check out their blog that features articles like how to take care of your jewellery and other minimalist related articles.

Website: https://www.minimalistlab.com/

The Straits Finery

Image Credits: The Straits Finery

The Straits Finery is a local Malaysian jewellery brand that focuses on crafting minimalist pieces that fit on their customers like a second skin, the freedom to style a jewellery to your own taste and aesthetic became  The Straits Finery’s design principle. They believe in creating quality jewellery that is durable enough for you to be able to pass down to another generation, using 14k gold that is hardy and does not tarnish. The creators also made sure the material suits any skin tones for the multiracial citizens in Malaysia.

Website: https://www.thestraitsfinery.com/


Image Credits: Luccacal

Luccacal is another local jewellery online store that caters to dainty jewellery lovers that enjoy following trends and fashion. They cover a range of jewellery and accessories like earrings, necklaces, hair clips, bags, rings, and bracelets. The products are all on-trend, affordable, and simple, catering to the minimalist crowd. There is also a rewards program when you purchase any items from Luccacal’s online store. For every RM1 spent, you’ll be able to earn 1 point, and for every 100 points you’ll be able to convert it to RM10 Luccacal money and use it in the store! Reward points can also be used on sale items and on top of promotion coupons.

Website: https://luccacal.com/

Maison Momo

Image Credits: Maison Momo

Entering Maison Momo’s website you’ll realize that they produce on-trend and quirky accessories from a range of earrings, pendants, and chokers. They recommend that their jewellery are only cleaned with polishing cloth and no detergent or other cleaning solutions to protect the jewellery. Some skins may be sensitive to the metals that they use to craft the items, so do read the descriptions that are outlined on the product page before purchasing.

Website: https://www.maisonmomo.com/


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