Whether you’re a self-professed microphone hogger at Karaoke parties (and let’s be honest, we all have a tendency to do that) or you just like adding endless Karaoke songs to the playlist when you find yourself at a Loudspeaker (大嘴叭), Popsical has a solution for you.

karaoke microphone condenser
Image Credit: Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

Let’s consider the prices of singing Karaoke.

At Loudspeaker,

  • the cheapest price is RM 7 per head at Noon K from 11AM – 2PM (for non-members),
  • which can go up to RM 35 from 5PM – 12AM depending on which outlet you frequent.

For Popsical, you get:

  • 15 minutes free singing time everyday,
  • or you can go premium and get RM 5.99 to sing for 24-hours
  • or a monthly subscription at RM 14.99.

All of that wonderful Karaoke singing time comes with a one-time price when you get a Popsical Karaoke system:

  • Popsical Bundle (which comes with both the Popsical device and the sound system with 2 mics) at RM 1,399
  • Popsical (plug and play with a Popsical device) at RM 899
  • Popsical Sound (a sound system with 2 mics) at RM 799

These prices are much cheaper than the Karaoke systems that we can find elsewhere. But we still can’t help but ask ourselves this question when we see those prices: Is that amount of money worth our Karaoke singing career?

(If you sing a lot, the answer is yes.)

karaoke with friends
Image Credit: Georgia Ho | ShopBack

How Does Popsical Work?

  1. First, gather your friends. (That’s what we did at ShopBack.)
  2. Set up the device by using the HDMI cable (for the Popsical device alone) and the audio cables provided to connect to Popsical Sound and the wireless microphones.
  3. Download the Popsical app (available on both Android and iOS) to access the Popsical device.
  4. Connect to your TV / Projector Screen by using the party code provided at the top right hand corner of the screen.
  5. Sing your heart out at your very own Karaoke party!

It was an easy setup process. No complicated cables and wires or knobs and buttons that come with the conventional Karaoke systems that could cost anything from RM 1,500 (for the amplifier and mics alone) to RM 16,599 for the whole “Pro Ktv Platinium Package K歌之王配套” package.

I only got confused at the setup of the audio cables to Popsical Sound, but it’s a simple fix. Just plug the left and right audio cable to the Popsical Sound and the other end of the aux cable to the TV itself, not the Popsical device.

Popsical Karaoke Sound System
Image Credit: Georgia Ho | ShopBack

Pros of the Popsical Karaoke App and Device

  1. 100,000 Karaoke Songs To Choose From, And That List Is Ever Growing

Popsical 100000 Songs Screenshot

The problem with conventional Karaoke systems is that you can’t seem to find the song you want. Or there’s a limited 6TB storage on the device and you can’t add more songs after that without deleting the previous songs you’ve sung.

You don’t get that with the Popsical Karaoke device.

Screenshot Popsical App Sufie Rashid

Want some Sufie Rashid or Rossa to be added to your growing Karaoke playlist? It’s done just by searching for their names when you use the Popsical Karaoke app.

  1. Never Fear If You Can’t Find Your Song To Karaoke — Just Request For The Song

Song Request Popsical

Can’t find your favourite oldie or musical soundtrack?

You can always request for your song in the Popsical app. Just “Submit a Request”, and you’ll be able to key in the Track Name, Artist Name, and a Sample Video Link to make sure Popsical finds the right song for you.

If you click on “Find Video Link”, you’re automatically redirected to YouTube where you can find your song and include the link in your request.

  1. Portable Karaoke Party

portable karaoke party
Image Credit: ShopBack

One of the best things about the Popsical is its portability. We’ve brought it along with us to a friend’s place for a housewarming party and set it up in less than 10 minutes.

If your friend already has a surround sound system of their own, it’s even better. You just need to bring along the Popsical device and connect to their wifi. It’s great for impromptu karaoke parties.

Cons of the Popsical Karaoke System

  1. Have Your Own Mic and Sound System? Stick To It

Popsical Device In Box
Image Credit: Joel Koh | ShopBack

If you prefer wired microphones over wireless ones, or if you already own a microphone set and sound system, you should stick to it.

There was some connectivity issues when it came to the microphone system (which is bound to happen when wireless mics’ batteries run low), and there’s only so much one sound system can do for your music, no matter how much you amp up the bass.

So if you’re an audiophile who’s picky about how your music sounds, you should get another sound system instead.

  1. Might Not Be Worth It If You Don’t Sing A Lot

Popsical Karaoke Device
Image Credit: Joel Koh | ShopBack

For all the great Karaoke bonding sessions you can get with a Popsical at home, it might not be that worth it if you simply don’t sing as much as you thought you would.

To counter this, you could share the cost with your family and friends. But if you’re that person who sits at a corner during Karaoke sessions, wishing you were somewhere else, then the Popsical probably isn’t for you.

The Smarter Way Verdict — Should You Get The Popsical Device?

Popsical is a great Karaoke system. Its wide selection of songs make it a great addition in a home of avid Karaoke fans, or someone who loves hosting parties, or even in your company’s lounge area for some after hours fun.

So to answer the question of if you should buy it, you’ll have to answer this question: do you love Karaoke? It boils down to how many times you find yourself at Loudspeaker or other Karaoke establishments.

For us at ShopBack, we’ve been a little too addicted to singing lately…

*Popsical loaned us a unit for this review. Our opinion is still our own.

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