Have you watched Netflix’s Marie Kondo and is suddenly super inspired to clean out old and unwanted clothes from your wardrobe? You’ll be surprised at some of these suggestions that you can donate to to clear out your space! Here are a couple of places in the Klang Valley area that you may send your clothes that don’t Spark Joy anymore!


Image Credits: H&M Malaysia

If H&M is your go to place to shop, you might want to read up on this! H&M is offering 15% off coupons to those who bring in their old clothing to be donated. The coupon can only be used for an item each, so do note this! Each bag of unwanted clothing you bring in can earn you a coupon each! One person is permitted to give in a total of 2 full bags a day, so bring your mom or friends so that you could bring in more bags of clothes. H&M will be recycling the old clothing as well as reusing the old textiles and convert them into other products. You’ll get to clean out your wardrobe, help the environment, and also get discount coupons to shop at H&M, what a win-win situation! This applies to all H&M stores throughout Malaysia.


Image Credits: Monki | ioicitymall.com

Similar to H&M, Monki also started the movement for recycling old clothing or textiles in partnership with I:CO. Just pack up your old clothing or textiles, and be rewarded with a discount coupon of 10% for one whole purchase in Monki. The coupon will be valid for 6 months so don’t worry about spending it straight away! These old clothing will be sent to Monki’s partner, I:CO, to be sorted out into two categories which is rewear or recycle. The profits from the recycling will be donated to H&M Foundation and then split between social projects and innovation projects. All Monki outlets across Malaysia will be accepting old unwanted clothes to be donated and recycled.


Image Credits: Uniqlo Malaysia

In partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other NGOs and partners, Uniqlo will be distributing wearable items that are donated by customers to help refugees, disaster victims, and others that are in need of clothing worldwide. You’ll be able to see recycling boxes in every Uniqlo stores across Malaysia and also around the world. Clothing items must be clean and washed to ensure they are in good condition before being distributed out. Uniqlo clothing items are also welcomed to be donated into the boxes if customers would like to.


Image Credits: Refash | refash.my

Refash helps you sell off your old clothes rather than recycle them, you’ll be able to get Refash vouchers from your pre-loved items offline! There are 3 locations that you could drop of your clothes at: Sungei Wang G085, Quill City Mall L1-22 & KL Gateway Mall UG11/12. The Refash team will then process your items that you’ve brought in and return to you with a quotation within a couple of hours. You can then decide whether or not to accept the offer and sell off the clothes or take back your belongings and donate elsewhere. After receiving the vouchers, you’ll be able to use them in any of the Refash stores to purchase other items.

Kloth Cares

Image Credits: Kloth Cares | Facebook

Kloth Cares is an organization that aims to address the fabric/ textile waste by launching the Kloth Cares 188 Fabric Recycling Campaign. Kloth Care Bins are located all over the Klang Valley for people to fill it up with items from clothing, curtains, handbags and many more! The pickup for these bins are scheduled on a weekly basis so not to worry if it’s full! Those adopting the bin may be rewarded RM0.10 for every kilogram of fabric donation which will be scheduled on a quarterly or half yearly basis.

Life Line Clothing Malaysia

Image Credits: MAKNA | Facebook

Life Line Clothing Malaysia is an organization that collects unwanted clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, and soft toys to be sold off and recycled. Items that are still in good condition will be sold as secondhand clothing, whereas unwearable items will be sold to industries as cleaning cloths. The profits will be going towards funding programmes by local non-government organizations. You’ll be able to locate their white boxes at: Recycling Centre USJ1, USJ27, and USJ9, Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Taipan Open Air Car Park, Faber Plaza, Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB), Pasar Pudu Open Car Park, and Plaza Jelutong.


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