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Every famous woman in history has a signature scent in the course  of history. Marilyn Monroe was known to be crazy over the Chanel No. 5 while Audrey Hepburn was never seen without her Givenchy signature scent. This shows how important yet subtle a certain scent can have an influence on us. Buying a perfume is more than just buying a beauty product. It is akin to buying a layer of our personality. As Christian Dior famously once said, “ A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

The correct perfume acts like an extension of yourself. Your personality, preferences and mood all have to be taken into account when purchasing your perfume. Below, there are several scents meant for different types of personality so read on to find out more.



Recommended: Flower Princess by Vera Wang

Ladies who like flora scents are those who are romantic and girly at heart. They love classic trends such as the little black dress. Spring and summer tend to be their favourite seasons as they love the idea of being surrounded by flowers, complete with the light and airy atmosphere. Picnic dates and brunches, paired up with a floral sundress and delicate makeup is the image of the ideal date. For these ladies, they will love perfumes with a hint of rose, lily and peony in it. 


taj sunset

Recommended: : Taj Sunset by ESCADA

Women who gravitate towards  a fruity scent are bright and energetic. They love colours and it is expressed in their love of colourful clothes. They are fun-loving and prefer a scent that is light and practical. These ladies are very easygoing and do not like too much fuss in their everyday routine. Perfumes containing citrus, lemongrass and herbs are perfect to bring out the inner exuberance within themselves.


poison by christian dior

Recommended: Poison by Christian Dior

Women who love the oriental scent are mysterious, sexy and dare to be bold. Whether it is a bold red lip or a sexy backless strap, these ladies love making a statement. They enjoy the finer things in life such as indulging in a weekend spa retreat. Parties and soirees are the type of events that they live for. Perfumes with stronger scents like sandalwood and musk are the accessory to make their grand entrance.



Recommended: Chanel no 19 by Chanel

These are ladies who exude quiet confidence in whatever they are doing. They are usually down to earth, chic and resourceful. They love to be outdoors, have a relaxed personality and enjoy the sights and smells of nature. Perfumes with a whiff of basil and green tea is just perfect for them.



Recommended: La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain

Gourmand scents always smells familiar as it tends to remind people of food. The ladies who like this are independent, quirky and carefree. Unlike their flora feminine counterparts, Gourmand’s ladies are less overt at showing their femininity. This does not mean that they cannot turn on their sensuality if they want to. These maidens can be one of the most sensual, if you know how to tickle them in the right way. Scents comprising of vanilla, honey and grapefruit will be suitable for them.

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