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You don’t really need a step-by-step guide from me telling you how to order food online. Since the golden age of McDonalds Delivery and Pizza Hut, people have been ordering food online at the click of a button. What you may not know however, is that you can eat from your sofa and still save some good money. Here are 5 online food services that offer great cashback deals.

#1 – Foodpanda (Up to 11% cashback)

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Okay, with Foodpanda you’re basically spoilt for choice. There’s Nando’s, Chili’s, Sakae Sushi, Wendy’s, and about 600 over restaurants to choose from. Part of us feels like Foodpanda makes the rest of this list redundant. But we’re never stingy with information, so keep reading.

#2 – Pappa Delivery (5% cashback)

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Pappa Delivery is the go-to for when your Kopitiam craving kicks in, and we love their E-store, which offers their signature coffee and cakes from Cat & The Fiddle.

#3 – Cat & The Fiddle (6% cashback)

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Okay, perhaps eating a whole cake on your own isn’t a great idea. But this is perfect for days where you know you’ve got friends coming over to celebrate, and you feel way too lazy to go out and get proper cake. Don’t let your friends suffer from lousy confectionery. Do us a favour and try one of these cakes. You’ll fall in love.

#4 – Wine Talk (5% cashback)

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Whether you’re hosting a fancy dinner, celebrating with a few close friends, or just too sad to eat food, Wine Talk offers an extensive array of wines for your every alcoholic need. Psst, you also can get free delivery with Shopback!

#5 – Lush Protein (Up to 3.5% Cashback)

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Alright, we put this one in here for all the healthy people who would rather die before eating junk food or sugary cakes. If you’re that sort, then we’re: 1) Not quite sure why you’re reading this 2) Pretty sure you’ve got your broccoli and chicken breast in the fridge waiting to be consumed after you finish your pre-meal regime. Lush Protein delivers all your needed supplements right to your doorstep, so don’t miss out on their great products and service.

There we go! Five ways to get food to your doorstep on those lazy days, and save at the same time. It doesn’t have to be that painful on your wallet anymore. Do check out other great Shopback food deals here.