Instead of spending tons on money on store items that promise to do wonders to your home, discover this array of lifestyle hacks that can do the same.

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Want extra shine? Need easy clean-ups? Love a refreshing scent? There are plenty of items at home as well as cheaper alternatives that deliver results that are just as good!

1. Shaving Foam to Eliminate Odours

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Tired of smelly toilets? This is a regular scenario in any home that has boys and grown-ups who still think like boys. Even after toilet-training, pee accidents can and still happen. Ditch the expensive air freshener. It only masks the smell. Seek out shaving foam instead. Any brand will do.

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This lifestyle hack is a lifesaver. Simply spray the shaving foam generously all around the toilet floor and walls. Leave it for at least an hour, then wash away with water. This hack will banish the bad smells for good. What’s the trick? The foam contents destroy the uric acid crystals in urine. Hence, toilets smell clean and a little minty too.

2. Toothpaste for Added Shine

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Toothpaste can do more than give you an enviable smile of shiny, white teeth. This lifestyle hack is great for adding shine around your home and office too. It’s cheap, useful and can be found in every home. Any brand will do.

Want to get rid of the gunk around your sink? Be it a ceramic or stainless steel sink, simply spread toothpaste all around the sink. Let the toothpaste sink in for at least 10 minutes. Then, scrub it away with a brush or toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas around the tap. Wash with water, and presto, the sink is clean. In fact, it’s shiny like brand new.

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Wondering what to do with all those coffee mugs with coffee or tea stains within? Don’t dump them just yet. Make them brand new. Just squeeze toothpaste onto your washing sponge and scrub the stains away. For the really stubborn stains, rub the toothpaste in and leave it there for a while. Then, scrub away the stains later.

Remove Scratches and Scruff Easily

Have pets at home? Or even little kids that run around wild? The furniture is bound to have scratches from rough play with pets or kids. Small scratches on wood furniture can be easily removed by rubbing in a little toothpaste. Let it set a while, then wash away with water. Scratch marks are visibly reduced, for a fraction of the cost of regular furniture polish.

Even more insane are the drawings made with permanent marker on wood furniture, walls or white board. Spare your sanity and use toothpaste. Place some toothpaste on the permanent stain and rub it in. Wipe off stain with a damp cloth. For the awful hard-to-remove stains, let the toothpaste set for a bit before wiping off.

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Every time  you step into the garage, take a look at your car’s headlights. It’s likely to be hazy from long-term use. Spread a little toothpaste on a car wash sponge and clear up the hazy headlights. Make your lights shine bright again, especially useful when driving on rainy days.

Fog-free headlights are not the only benefit. Fog-free mirrors in the bathroom can be achieved by spreading and leaving a clear film of toothpaste on mirror surfaces. Whenever your bathroom turns foggy, your mirror remains clear.

3. WD-40 as Super Stain Remover

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Dull-looking tiles and dark grout lines in the kitchen and bathroom sure makes your home look aged. Spritz up the look by spritzing some WD-40 on tiles and grout lines in between tiles. This lifestyle hack can clean up tiles, remove scruff marks and spilled inks on tiles. Simply wipe away the grime and clean up with some water for refreshingly clean tiles. It surely brightens up the home.

LEGO bricks in many colours
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Whenever Junior comes up to you with a pile of LEGO that needs to be unstuck, don’t panic. Just spray a little WD-40 on the bricks and slowly pry them apart. This works well, even for the tiny LEGO bricks. Then, watch your lil hero beam with pride.

Multi-functional Uses That Work

When heading out to do some gardening and the garden tools are all rusted, never fear. Spray some WD-40 on them to get rid of the rust and other gunk from the rusty tools. It works well for cutting shears, wheelbarrows, spades and shovels. Let it set a little longer for the hard-to-remove rust, and scrub it away with water.

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Have greasy hands after fixing the bike, tryke or car? Ignore the soap and water. just spray WD-40 all over hands and remove the grease with water. This is so much easier than destroying the sponges and soap used to wipe out the grime.

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Going outdoors with kids and likely to go through muddy puddles and wet grass? It’s  best to waterproof your sneaks and boots beforehand. Simply spray WD-40 on all outer surfaces of your footwear and you’re ready to go. This hack acts as a good barrier to water, and will surely keep your socks dry.

When you need to remove the price tags, stickers and sticky what-nots from items before gifting, let WD-40 come to the rescue. Just spray a little on the tags, and gently rub them off a few minutes later. Fuss-free gifting has never been easier.

4. Coca-Cola as Magic Cleaner, Primer and More

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Coca-Cola may be a fave soda for many. However, Coke is a fave lifestyle hack for many more. This inexpensive carbonated beverage has active ingredients that do more than quench thirst.

When dismantling cabinets and the screws are rusted in making them almost impossible to remove, just pour a little Coke on them. Leave for at least 5 mins. and now the screws are easy to remove.

When the kitchen chopping board is looking a little worn and weary with stains and scratches, clean it right up with a little Coke. Pour over board, leave on for a few minutes and get ready to see a new clean, board.

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Also, pots and pans get a lot scarring and hard crusts on its surface when food is burnt to a crisp. These are incredibly hard to remove with detergent. However, pour Coke generously over them first, soak and then, wash the gunk away with water. In fact, pots and pans appear shinier after this hack.

Kettles also get a new lease of life with Coke. When electric kettle bottoms get mottled with lime scale after long use, simple pour Coke in and scrub away the lime scale later.

Never leave home without Coke when going camping. Its multi-purpose use is undeniable. Soothe insect bites by rubbing a little Coke on them. It works well when you’ve run out of bug bite balms.

BBQ grilled meats with tomatoes
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Planning a BBQ and need a new twist? Marinade the meats in Coke for an hour and place over grill. The sweet, succulent flavours will make your BBQ one to remember.

5. Shoe Box Storage Ideas

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Storage boxes can cost a bomb, especially the branded ones like IKEA or KonMari boxes. Why buy when you can recycle? Shoe boxes nowadays are made of good quality material. They can withstand pressure and are water-proof as well. Better yet, they stack well too.

Firstly, clean out the shoe boxes. Next, wrap your fave coloured paper around them. Mix up plain and printed paper to create nice patterns. Use stationery clips to connect them. And start storing your bits and baubles. From Christmas ornaments to electric cables and plugs, to toys that kids don’t play with much, these boxes are great.

Storage boxes on shelving units in storage room
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Create labels for the boxes for easy identification. Then, stack them in your storage room or garage. Move aside Mari Kondo or Martha Stewart. It’s time to be the tidy-up queen or king you were meant to be.

6. Cool Ideas to Stay Cool

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Finally, here’s another lifestyle hack that keeps you cool and saves you money. What to do when the air-conditioning is on the fritz on a balmy night? Even the fan can’t stave off the heat. Try this. Spritz some water on your pillow cases and place them in the freezer for at least half an hour. Then, place them over pillows for a super cool night’s sleep. Shut-eye is now way cooler.

The Lifestyle Hack Finder

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