The Lunar New Year is upon us, and if you’re thinking of getting out of Malaysia for a short holiday, you’re going to have to be prepared. With store closures for Lunar New Year and some attractions being unavailable, can you still have a good time on your vacation? With these tips, you definitely can.

1. Travel on weekdays

As the Lunar New Year is peak travel season, flights arriving and departing on weekends are more expensive. However, you can save a lot by scheduling your flight on a weekday. Not as many people travel on weekdays, so you’re safe! If you want to save even more, book your flights and hotels through websites like Expedia and Agoda.

2. Stores close for two days during the Lunar New Year

There are fifteen days in the Chinese Lunar New Year, but most Chinese-owned stores close for at least the first two days to observe the holiday. If you’re anywhere in a major city, don’t expect many small businesses to be open. However, major tourist attractions like zoos, parks and museums are likely to stay open for the people who don’t celebrate the holiday. Check the availability of the activities you want to do with Klook!

3. Go where the crowds aren’t


You don’t have to follow what everyone does to have a good time. Often, it’s a bad idea to go where everyone else is going because it’ll be too crowded for you to fully enjoy whatever you’re doing. But, if you decide to be adventurous and find somewhere quieter, you just could discover something new about Chinese culture and yourself.

4. Take advice from the locals

The locals know their country better than anyone else, and they’re glad to help anyone who asks. If you’re in a taxi, for example, ask the taxi driver for suggestions. The hotel’s concierge is also extremely helpful, and you’ll get a map in some cases, even! Be respectful and polite, and it’ll go a long way.

5. Join in the festivities

Many cities in China have special Lunar New Year performances and stage shows you can join in. The best way to know a country is by its culture and people, and what better way to do that than immersing yourself in the festival? You can even purchase sofuvenirs and special goods from vendors near the festivities.

6. Watch out for your valuables

During festive periods, beware of pickpockets and thieves. Always keep your things where you can see them, and don’t turn your back to them. If you must bring your valuables out with you, consider a slash-proof bag from Pacsafe. You’ll be able to experience your holiday in comfort without worrying about pickpockets or thieves.

7. Book your reservations early in advance

As everyone will be descending on the few eateries open, it’s always good to call in advance. Be it food, attractions or anything in general, a reservation ensures that you have a guaranteed spot in the activity you’re taking part in. You can even buy theme park tickets, train passes and more on Klook!

8. Dress for the weather

It’s always winter during the Lunar New Year, so it’ll be cold in China. Pack warm clothing so you’ll be ready if the temperature drops. It’s always handy to have an extra jacket or pair of gloves! If you need it, consider taking some heat packs to warm you up even further

Travelling during the Lunar New Year can be stress-free

Once you make all the necessary preparations before the trip, you won’t be caught in a sticky situation. Most parts of your trip can be settled online, so you’re free to do more of what you’re planning to do. Stay safe, and happy travels this Lunar New Year season!

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