Fashion is art and you are the canvas. So goes the maxim of almost every fashion designer today. And our local fashion designers have created art that are making waves around the world. Many of whom you never knew but the world does. So, here’s a runway of the truly inspiring Malaysian-made stars who have stoked the passion for fashion.

Fashion runway with model in orange and blue fashion wear at centre
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1. Jimmy Lim: The Effervescent Fashion Designer

Aerial of fashion runway with models doing catwalk at centre surrounded by audience
Image credit: Jimmy Lim Official | Facebook

One of the brightest stars in fashion today is undeniably Jimmy Lim. This award-winning fashion designer continues to rock the world with his high casual ready to wear designer clothing. Moreover, the Jimmy Lim label is famous for is fusion of sportswear with fine tailoring and tradition. Further, it is designed for fashionistas who prefer an attitude in whatever they wear.

Black and white shot of designer at work
Image credit: Jimmy Lim Official | Facebook

Having launched his label in 2009, Jimmy Lim has grown by leaps and bounds worldwide. Today, his flagship store at Publika Shopping Gallery and designer togs at Isetan, The Japan Store in Kuala Lumpur showcase effervescent designs that capture effortless chic. Everyone who has met Jimmy Lim would know his down-to-earth and friendly demeanour. Beyond the humble personality lies an insatiable creativity that turns almost everything he touches to a work of art.

Creative Art & Artistry

What makes this fashion designer famous? Jimmy Lim was awarded the prestigious title of Deutz Fashion Design Ambassador of the Year at the Air New Zealand Fashion Week. Subsequently, he was awarded the Supreme Award for the Andy Warhol International Fashion Exhibition Awards. Just as notable is his Charles Parsons award for excellence in tailoring.

Jimmy Lim designing bridal wear with bride in front of mirror
Image credit: Jimmy Lim Official | Facebook

Awards aside, Jimmy Lim was one of the key fashion designers whose couture was featured at the Malaysian International Fashion Week. The label’s collaboration with other international fashion houses such as Triumph and Disney, has propelled it globally. Further evolving fashion, Jimmy Lim has created a sub-label aptly named ‘Destroy to Create’ that celebrates eco-friendly fashion. Hence, his love for the environment is evident as he reworks and recycles old vintage garments into new eco-friendly designs.

Why travel the world in search of fashion when one of the world’s best loved designers is here in Malaysia? In fact, the Jimmy Lim label is well-stocked in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. So, visit any of his stores and you may meet the fashion designer in person.

Jimmy Lim on left and interviewer on right seated on sofa


2. Bev C: A Fashion Designer That Shines

Shop frontage of Bev C with 3 models posing at front
Image credit: Bev C Official | Facebook

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. And Bev C certainly has brought excitement to life with her less-than-boring clothes. The local designer brand is featured in her flagship store and cafe at the heritage street, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee in Johor Bahru. Having launched the label since 2013, Beverly is the founder and designer behind Bev C. However, for years before that, Beverly was already dabbling in creative fashion as a hair stylist and owner of a clothing reseller shop.

Bev C in red shoes posing at centre of runway with audience at side
Image credit: Bev C Official | Facebook

Today, her designs are known as edgy chic with a hint of quirky style and quiet sophistication. So, what makes this label outstanding? The meticulous attention to detail from the sketch design, curating, finalizing and completion of each piece. What’s the best way to enjoy fashion? Served with a cup of cafe and treats from the Bev C cafe. Here, creative space is available to express fashion with passion together with fabulous beverage crafting.

Layout of label's clothing at Isetan KL with white tops on left
Image credit: Bev C Official | Facebook

Fortune favours the bold. And Bev C’s brand philosophy of owning your own style or stay naked, shows nudity is not acceptable in her world. As Bev C is increasingly recognized in Singapore and the rest of Asia, her cool store has also become the venue for other collections by designers. Incidentally, Jimmy Lim featured his collection at Bev C in 2018, to much applause and appreciation.

Jimmy Lim on left and Bev C on right with clothing line at back
Image credit: Jimmy Lim Official | Facebook

Further, the label has collaborated with other fashion gurus to bring fans more interesting art pieces. After all, style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Best of all, the latest Bev C collection is available on their online store with ready worldwide shipping services.


3. Hana Tajima: Designing Cultural Diversity

3 models wearing Hana Tajima hijab in different styles
Image credit: Uniqlo Malaysia | Facebook

Walk into any Uniqlo or shop on Uniqlo’s online store, and the brand Hana Tajima will dazzle you with designs distinctively Malaysian. Notably, the home-grown label by Hana Tajima in collaboration with Uniqlo has over the years become a fashion icon of modest dressing. In fact, the label’s regional collection has become global with its elegant yet comfortable fashion line for women.

Model in pink hijab and blue top over beige pants
Image credit: Shopee

Rising in prominence as a purveyor of hijab fashion, Hana Tajima’s pieces are always simple, smooth-flowing and versatile. Moreover, the timeless nature of her clothing line spans across seasons and seeks to embrace all cultures, religions and backgrounds. So, for women who prefer classic, understated fashion, this fashion designer aims to please with a variety of styles in hijab fashion.

Maroon and grey top next to white hat and pink flower on wooden floor
Image credit: Shopee

Appealing not only to Muslim women, many fashionistas appreciate the quality and quintessential style of her creations. Where comfort and affordability are key to your fashion reality, the Hana Tajima collections reign supreme. Where can you find them online? Besides Uniqlo, these creations are also available on Shopee. So, take advantage of Shopee promo code and enjoy more discounts with your purchase. In addition, remember to go through ShopBack and earn up to 6% cashback.

4. SimplySiti: Simplicity in Sophistication

Celebrity Siti Nurhaliza in satin purple hijab endorsing her beauty brand
Image credit: Simplysiti by Siti Nurhaliza | Facebook

Fashion is far more than just trendy clothes. When the way you look and not the way you dress, provides the confidence to survive the everyday, then, SimplySiti is the answer. Founded by Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, the highly acclaimed queen of entertainment in Malaysia, her foray into beauty and skincare has fans gushing with happiness. After all, almost everyone of them wants to look just as perfect as her with products that accentuate natural beauty.

The Red Collection of cosmetics including compact, blusher and lippy
Image credit: Simplysiti by Siti Nurhaliza | Facebook

Siti Nurhaliza already looks beautiful sans make-up. However, her line of top quality cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and wellness are created to bring out the beauty in you. Simply affordable too, this Asian brand of beauty features prettily packaged collections and colourful palettes of make-up.

Colour palette for eyes by Simplysiti
Image credit: Simplysiti by Siti Nurhaliza | Facebook


5. Ho Kok Loong: Making Malaysia Proud

Models in KL Ho's creations on stage
Image credit: The MOD House | Facebook

No ordinary fashion designer, Ho Kok Loong or affectionately known as KL Ho was recently awarded the celebrated Cannes award. His win for “Outstanding Fashion Styling Award 2019” at the 72nd Cannes Short Film Festival has made Malaysia proud. So, what’s outstanding about this collection? The bold, edgy and gothic elements combined with traditional Chinese clothing such as the cheongsam. An exploration of colour, texture and zentangle patterns surely impressed the crowds worldwide.

3 models parading Chinese inspired wear next to designer
Image credit: The MOD House | Facebook

As Executive Director of The MOD House (Malaysian Original Design), KL Ho thrives on designing fashion for the cosmopolitan women of today. Such is the success behind his ‘Gothic Oriental’ collection which infuses Chinese heritage to new age designs.


6. Ardana Haran: Ethnic & Eclectic Fashion

5 male models in designer's Indian inspired wear standing against stairwell
Image credit: Ardana Haran | Facebook

Ethnicity is the prowess of Ardana Haran who aims to market the heritage of Indian culture into fashionable wear. Beautiful, intricate designs and free flowing fabrics make his design pieces distinctive. Daring to go beyond contemporary trends, each carefully crafted apparel speaks elegance and sophistication.

Hariharan Arasu, the fashion designer behind the label also specialises in menswear collections which boast vivid colours plus tops and pants in breathable fabric. Step aside ladies, as men take centre stage in styled couture influenced by Indian elements with a futuristic twist. Today, the label has ventured into bridal wear and make-up too.

12 models wearing gowns featured as coming soon
Image credit: Ardana Haran | Facebook

7. Bernard Chandran: The Iconic Fashion Designer

The Prince of Malaysian fashion, Bernard Chandran is synonymous with the world of fashion, locally and globally. His exquisite designs are appreciated by an international clientele. And undoubtedly, Malaysians love his iconic masterpieces that are beyond chic. Today, this iconic designer is an inspiration to others because the brand has created a legacy that future generations can aspire to follow.

Black and white shot of designer walking out on runway
Image credit: Bernard Chandran | Facebook

Everything he does is with passion. That’s why the Royal families of Malaysia and Brunei adore his collections. So do international celebrities and previous Miss Universe winners who wore his designs.

Model in blue outfit by designer on runway
Image credit: Bernard Chandran | Facebook


Be Your Own Fashion Designer

Model in blue wig with brown coat and striped top against concrete background
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