Instagram has become a foodie’s go-to site when sharing their interesting, relevant and eye-popping gastronomic adventures to the world. It became their place for artistic and creative expression too. 

When it comes to great dining spots for the family to eat or a place to grab some awesome food to chow down at home, these Malaysian foodies are experts so you better follow them now.

1. @squarepad

Image Credit: @squarepad

Carefully curated and photographed, @squarepad aka Ryan features cafe’s serving the best coffee, pasta, sandwich and deserts around Malaysia. He also posts gorgeous cafe interiors that will please your eyes. He also recommends dining spots where it’s best to bring your work with you. 

2. @vkeong_ 

@vkeong_ i
Image Credit: @vkeong_ i

Featuring Malaysian and Chinese cuisines, @vkeong_ is the perfect Instagram page to visit when looking for Asian cuisines. From meat, to fish, to chicken, @vkeong_ photographs different delicacies perfect for your next food adventure. There are also reviews on restaurants which are helpful for those who are also foodies at heart. @vkeong_ maintains a food blog called where the full food reviews are written. 

3. leesamantha

Image Credit: @leesamantha

She makes food to tell a story. If you love both art and food, visiting the page of @leesamantha will definitely put a big smile on your face. Samantha is a great food artist and she regularly posts her beautiful food presentations on Instagram. The way she creatively incorporates art into her presentation is astonishing that your kids will surely love her work! She also maintains a blog called 

4. @foodievstheworld

Image Credit: @foodievstheworld

When you want to explore the food selections not only in Malaysia but also in other parts of the world, @foodievstheworld will help you do that. The page is managed by a team passionate for food and adventure. The page writes honest reviews about food and restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. The team behind @foodiesvstheworld has been recognised by Netflix Asia as official foodies. The team maintains a blog called where they write their full honest reviews. 

5. @mycafefood

Image Credit: @mycafefood

This page features various snapshots of cafes around Malaysia from random Instagram users. It’s a community which gets together to highlight the best spots you can have your coffee, tea, pizza or desserts. Since the photos come from different people, you will find a diverse food selections posted on this Instagram page. When planning your next cafe adventure, visit this page and get a lot of ideas on where to go.

6. @klfoodhunter

Image Credit: @klfoodhunter

What makes @klfoodhunter great is that if offers unique food and dining ideas. The team hunts for affordable and delicious food around Malaysia. The page also shares the stories behind the restaurant they feature. It also uses a four-photo collage on each posts which makes looking at the page more appetizing for its followers. 

7. @rasamalaysia

Image Credit: @rasamalaysia

Food blogger and influencer Rasa Malaysia shares delicious recipes on her Instagram page. The great thing about @rasamalaysia is that she’s the one who cooks the food she posts on her Instagram. She cooks different Malaysian cuisines that are not only delectable but eye-candy as well.

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