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Not having to worry about how you dress is great! There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg’s grey T-shirt is so popular that H&M once parodied a collection of it. Icons of the digital and tech sphere even advocate this minimalistic way of living as it cuts down the decisions that you have to make in the morning and allows you to focus on the more important stuff.

Mark Zuckerberg rocks basic grey tees (that are pretty expensive) with a pair of jeans to work on most days. Besides the comfort it brings, it’s one of the more sensible styles for sunny (and hot) Malaysia. And that is why we’ve compiled a list of basic threads that are great alternatives to Mark Zuckerberg’s trademark combo!

1. For Him: New Look T-Shirt With Roll Sleeve In Grey

New Look T-Shirt With Roll Sleeve In Grey

Image credit: ASOS

Reminiscent of the grey of Mark Zuckerberg’s tees, this number from ASOS/New Look is a little more streetwear friendly thanks to its cuffed sleeves. Fashioned from a blend of cotton and polyester, the t-shirt holds up it’s shape despite long hours of wear whilst offering comfort to the wearer. It’s easy to clean too, which is a definite plus in our books! Pair this with a cap, simple straight cut black jeans and hoodie to complete your streetwear-inspired outfit.

Price on ASOS (upon conversion): RM 33.40

Price after cashback: RM 32.05

2. For Her: ASOS Relaxed T-Shirt

ASOS Relaxed T-Shirt

Image credit: ASOS

Ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you either! Though it’s slightly different in colour, this pretty pale grey tee still features the same crew neck that is present in most of Mark Zuckerberg’s clothes. Plus, it’s also cropped to ensure a better fit. Made with a cotton and viscose blend, this lightweight t-shirt will likely be your go-to during the hotter days of the year.

Price on ASOS (upon conversion): RM 67.79

Price after cashback: RM 65.05

3. For Him: Cheap Monday Standard Edge T-Shirt

Cheap Monday Standard Edge T-Shirt

Image credit: ASOS

And because frayed and raw edges are coming back into style, we had to add this Cheap Monday alternative into the list. The tiny patch detail also adds a pinch of interest to the otherwise basic staple. Best bit is, it’s made with breathable cotton.

Price on ASOS (upon conversion): RM 101.71

Price after cashback: RM 97.65

4. For Her: ASOS Short Sleeve Forever T-Shirt

ASOS Short Sleeve Forever T-Shirt

Image credit: ASOS

Because all wardrobes are incomplete without a slouchy, relaxed option for lazy days. Fashioned from a blend of viscose and elastane, this tee features a longline cut that you can tuck into denim shorts to nail that laid-back look. Though it is more on the unstructured side, the low scoop neck prevents you from looking like you just rolled out of bed, took whatever’s lying around and slapped it on.

Price on ASOS (upon conversion): RM 80.79

Price after cashback: RM 77.55

5. For Him: Mango Men Henley Cotton T-Shirt

Mango Men Henley Cotton T-Shirt

Image credit: Zalora

For something that can double as office wear, why not check out Mango Men’s Henley Cotton T-Shirt? The buttons transform what would be a plain grey tee into one that can be worn in the office – if you play it right. All you need to do is toss on a blazer or wear it as it is (if casual Friday is a thing in the office).

Price on Zalora: RM 49.95 (on discount)

Price after cashback: RM 48.46 (for existing customers), 45.45 (for new customers)

6. For Her: Dorothy Perkins Grey Choker Tee

Dorothy Perkins Grey Choker Tee

Image credit: Zalora

We had to include another office appropriate clothing item for the ladies of course. And we had to pick out something from K-fashion. The trendy cut really alleviates the classic grey tee, turning it into a chic must-have for the office.

Price on Zalora: RM 44.50 (on discount)

Price after cashback: RM 43.17 (for existing customers), 40.50 (for new customers)

7. Bonus, For Him: AE Droptail Tee (Slim Fit)

AE Droptail Tee (Slim Fit)

Image credit: Cotton On

Making a statement with your tee is easy as one-two-three thanks to the wide array available. Find one that fits your personality, your sense of style or advocates what you support is a simple way of setting yourself apart from the sea of people wearing plain t-shirts.

Price on Cotton On: RM 69

Price after cashback: RM 65.55

8. Bonus, For Her: TBAR Hero Graphic T Shirt

TBAR Hero Graphic T Shirt

Image credit: Cotton On

If you’re not one to cut corners or shy away from louder statements, opt for a vibrant print. Aside from adding pizzazz to an otherwise plain t-shirt, it’s bound to draw some attention when you’re out and about on the streets.

Price on Cotton On: RM 59.00

Price after cashback: RM 56.05

We understand the pleasure of dressing to the nines but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and dress minimally — it sure takes away the pressure and frenzy of deciding what to wear, especially when you’re still groggy from sleep.