Valentine’s Day need not revolve around mushy pre-made cards, chocolates, stuffed toys, bouquets, or expensive jewelry. You’d be surprised as to how much personalized love notes and simple companionship could mean to people. Honest ways of expressing affection, however plain, can become the most treasured gifts and memories.

Speaking of treasured gifts and memories, you might be wondering how to find or create them. The list below will aid your stress. So, fret no more as we are here to help you get a meaningful gift for your Valentine.

  1. Pay attention.

The expressive ones will talk about their interests and the things that make them happy. The quiet ones will give away cues. Either way, you can read signals. It might be that frustration over a broken game controller — it’s time to get him a new one! Or, it could be that new lipstick shade her favorite blogger is wearing on an Instagram post — gift it to her!

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  1. Check online shops (duh!).

Online stores tend to highlight the latest trends and restocks of best-sellers, if not savings. Browse through their catalogs, banners, or mini magazines, and you just might stumble upon an exceptional deal for a piece off the new collection which can make the day of your beloved.

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Some of the online shops you can check include, ZALORA Malaysia, LAZADA Malaysia, Sephora Malaysia, AliExpress, and Althea. Find most of these marketplace and fashion merchants (with cashback deals) on ShopBack!

  1. Support their interests.

Audiophiles will love anything that speaks music. A guitar, a keyboard, or a harmonica surely won’t disappoint. If you find instruments too pricey, basic accessories like a guitar strap, a guitar pick, or a pair of drumsticks will do. For those who just love to listen to songs, a subscription to Spotify Premium or an iTunes card or a pair of new noise-cancelling, deep bass headphones would mean a lot.

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  1. Pamper them.

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Who doesn’t like to be relieved of stress? Work, city life, and adulting can be very challenging. Occasional recharging of one’s biological battery is a must, so why not give the gift of comfort? Coupons to spa and nail salons are BFF’s to all. Make the visit extra special by joining in. Your special someone will be floating in cloud nine for the months to come.

  1. Spend quality time together.

While we’re in the note of quality time, let’s talk out of town or country trips. Romantic getaways are just the grandest no matter where the destination may be. Alongside spending quality time together, traveling with your partner will help you get to know each other better and eventually help you both grow together as well. And don’t forget about creating lifetime memories together!

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ShopBack partners like Expedia,, Agoda, Easybook, and AirAsiaGo can help you book the most enticing trips for your and your dearest, accommodation, airfare, and activities included! Bookmark our travel deals page to never miss out on new promotions and cashback!

  1. Create personalised keepsakes.

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We all love to be loved, especially when our significant others go the extra mile to make us smile. Try making a photo album or scrapbook of your fun adventures together. How about a phone case with his or her favourite character printed on? (Get those from Photobook Worldwide where you can apply Photobook Worldwide promo codes to get a good deal.) You can also get extremely sweet and thoughtful by writing a note each day before the big day.

  1. Celebrate with the whole family.

Valentine’s is not limited among couples. Families can celebrate the day of love, too. Take the kids, mom, dad, and even your pet to feast on scrumptious meals at that newly opened restaurant nearby. You can all visit a theme park as well. Or, you can prepare a simple get-together picnic by the beach.

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  1. Adopt a pet.

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Welcoming a furry friend into a relationship on Valentine’s Day (or any day) is a perfect way to communicate sincerity and long-term planning. For new couples, it paves a path for both to grow together by taking responsibility on a child-like figure. Plus, who can resist those adorable rescue pets?

  1. Plant a flower in their yard (or give them a potted plant).

Green thumbs might prefer caring for plants. Planting a seed in his or her yard or just gifting a potted plant is a good way to express care and honesty. Your partner can express his or her love back by nurturing your gift until it blooms. Through this living gift, love is expressed and received both ways.

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  1. Cook their favourite dish.

They way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. We might have generalized an old saying but it’s true. Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying home cooked food with the people we love.

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Try looking up Valentine’s Day dinner recipes online for inspirational twists on your lover’s favorite dish. Or, you can top the course off with a decadent chocolate dessert.

  1. Write a poem or a song.

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Go old school romantic. Get creative. Non-expressive partners would love this idea, and recipients of the poem or song will, no doubt, be touched. Record an audio of your work for an even sweeter touch.

See? Simple yet sincere gestures can make meaningful celebrations and gifts for Valentine’s Day. Remember, anything that comes from the heart goes a long way. 😉

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