Merdeka Day is upon us. It’s a national day of celebration and what better way to express this festivity than to show patriotism and solidarity? It is the day of the year when Malaysians from all walks of life come together to commemorate independence. Whether from the public or private sector, students or part of the workforce, old or young, everyone is welcome to take part in this year’s Merdeka Parade with the theme “Sayangi Malaysiaku”.

Before you hit the streets on the day of the parade, find out what you need to do to show your nationalism. Join others as they express their intense love for country! Here’s how:

1. Fill your surroundings with Jalur Gamilang

Malaysian Flag

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One of the most obvious and easiest ways to show love for country is by displaying the national flag. You can decorate your house, office cubicle, or car with the Malaysian flag; not just one, but as many as you can! You can also use the colors of the flag to design your surroundings. You can also carry and wave flags from as small as a toothpick, to as big as a real pole. Flags are essentially powerful tools of demonstrating patriotism and nationalism.

2. Walk proud wearing flag colors and design

Aside from carrying or waving an actual flag, why not level up your fashion statement by wearing it? Some people just wear traditional attire, some people wear outfits that are inspired by the Jalur Gamilang. It doesn’t really matter for as long as you have something that you can show others. I think it adds to the sense of nationalism or love for country if you have it on your body such as wearing accessories or the entire clothing itself. It also sparks creativity when people want to showcase their talents in fashion or simply their taste in design.

3. Participate in Merdeka sales and other smaller events

Food with Malaysian flag

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Most retail outlets all over Malaysia hold a Merdeka sale where you can purchase items at a low price. Aside from shopping, restaurants are also offering huge discounts on food items. This is a celebration after all, so why not binge-eat at food festivals around the country? It’s also a good time to show off your favorite Malaysian cuisine on Instagram using the official hashtag for Merdeka.

4. Take part in other Merdeka efforts

Some companies and organizations have come up with something that will help promote love for country. They partnering with each other and are marketing these efforts in time for the Merdeka celebrations where people can show their nationalism even more. You can join them and participate in their activities. There are simultaneous concerts and music festivals that are Merdeka-themed. There are nationalistic causes that are being promoted during Merdeka to encourage people to volunteer or raise funds.

5. Visit Malaysia’s other cultural sites

Historical sites in Malaysia

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Malaysia has such a colorful history and that’s what made them rich in cultural diversity. This is the perfect time to revisit the past by going to places that were once part of what we are commemorating on Merdeka Day. In this way, we are still able to refresh our memories as to why we celebrate our independence. Aside from Kuala Lumpur where the Dataran Merdeka can be found, you can also go on a journey back in time to Penang Island, Malacca, and Kuching where you can visit landmarks that are part of the nation’s history.

6. Educate the younger generation

Children participating in Merdeka

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To the older ones, this is the perfect time to take the kids out on the streets. As we revisit our history, we also need to teach them about what happened in the past. It’s not just about encouraging them to decorate or make flag designs for this event. It helps if we also explain the flag, the colors, and why we are celebrating Merdeka in the first place. It would be a good history lesson for the younger generation, and a refresher course for the adults in case you have forgotten the true essence of the festivities.

7. Sing the Merdeka Day theme song

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Aside from the national anthem Negaraku, there is a national song dedicated for Merdeka as well. The theme song for 2018 is entitled “Kita Punya Malaysia” and you have to be able to sing it with everyone. Having something different to sing your lungs out during a national day adds to the feeling of pride for your country and being able to uplift the Malaysian spirit. It’s really catchy and easy to memorize, thanks to the rock band Bunkface for their music. The music video alone can already make you teary-eyed with a sense of pride and nationalism. What more if you could hear the people sing it on Merdeka Day?

8. Be present on the parade grounds

This year, the Merdeka on-ground historic celebrations will be held in Putrajaya. You have to be there or be square. It is really the part of being able to witness the event itself unfold on the streets that would make this whole experience complete. I guess it’s that feeling of nationalism, being one with other Malaysians in celebrating an important day for the country. Attending the national day parade is something that can add to your appreciation of our country’s history. Just being in the Malaysian territory gives you that warm feeling of belongingness.

9. Celebrate diversity with friends and family

Merdeka Day theme for 2018

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If there is one thing that this event teaches us, it is unity. Malaysia is a small country comprised of various races and ethnicities. For sure, you have a lot of friends from other nationalities. Go out and celebrate with them. Celebrate independence. Celebrate solidarity. Celebrate Malaysia with us at ShopBack!

How about you? How are you going to celebrate Merdeka? Share it with us in the comments section!

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