Being in your 20s can be a daunting time, you’re thrown out into the wild with very few tips on how to survive, but you gotta learn to do it anyway.

You start adulting, and the best thing about that is that you’ve got no rules, and the worst thing, well you’ve got no rules.

The 20s, we believe, can be a very vulnerable age, you are exposed to all these new things, and sometimes it can be difficult to work them out, but fret not, cause we’ve got your back!

1. Don’t Be Influenced By Others

Do not get influenced by others
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You’ll be going off to college, or even starting work and after years of hanging out with the same group of friends, you’ll find yourself a new clique; people with different interests, and ideas on how life’s supposed to work, and that’s great.

But do not let them get to you, if you’re not comfortable with doing something, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Your 20s are more than just having to please everyone around you, remember you owe them nothing.

2. Life’s Not A Race

don't rush through life
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No, you don’t need to buy a house, just because Susan from 2nd grade owns three, or a car because your neighbor’s son just got his first one.

Don’t rush through your 20s wanting to get the hell out of college, to find a job just so you can splurge on things you don’t even need.

Life’s not a competition, you don’t get a trophy at the end of it, so take it as it comes, and embrace this age, for it is during this time that you’ll learn some of the most important things in life.

3. Quit Spending Excessively

save your money
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Ok let’s just be honest, getting your first paycheck is probably the greatest feeling ever. You worked your ass off for it, and you sure as heck deserve to get whatever the hell you want with all that cash, right?


Adulting is more than just earning money so you can spend them all on unnecessary things, with this age comes big responsibilities; bills, rent, loans, grocery, daily necessities, etc.

While occasionally treating yourself to some high-end meals or products is completely fine, but don’t make it a habit. Plus, remember to set aside some cash each month for your emergency fund.

4. Burdening Yourself With Expectations

do not burden yourself with expectations
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If you can’t afford to buy a house or travel the world like all your friends, just know that it’s completely fine. Quit burdening yourself with expectations, know yourself and what you’re capable of, and work with that.

Like we mentioned earlier, life’s not a race, so live it on your own pace. Stop weighing yourself down with crazy expectations. It’s better to take things slow and steady, instead of stressing yourself out and failing to reach your goals.

5. Settling

travel the world, and explore in your 20s
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You’re so damn young, go out in the world, explore your passion, learn new things, and meet new people.

We’re not asking you to quit your job or spend every single cent that you own on travelling, we just want you to know that there’s so much more left to discover in this world, just don’t settle for what you have.

Use your 20s to go out there and discover what you want to do.

6. Don’t Give Up On Your Passion

Follow Your passion and build your dreams
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Getting a job as  a fresh graduate can be a tiresome task, and getting a dream job is near impossible. So whatever your 9-5 job is, don’t let it get in the way of building your dreams.

If your passion is writing, and you’d love to see your book on the bestselling list someday, then make sure you work on that too, don’t give it up just because you have a job that already pays.

Make sure you give yourself the chance to achieve your full potential.

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