Wearing a tudung doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to just the drab old traditional comb of a normal baju kurung and plain old-style tudung. There are many ways to make sure you look good doing so. All it takes is a little creativity and an open mind with regard to fashion and style. So go ahead and take the jump! We even have this handy little guide for you and some great deals on tudungs from Tudung2U!

Muslim Women in Tudungs

Image credit: Zul | flickr.com

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1. Luxurious Gold On Black

Black and Gold Muslimah and tudung outfit

Image credit | pinterest.com/jarekam24

For a classy night out, go all black, but leave your tudung in the most vibrant shade of gold. Gold is one of the best colours to go with black and it really seems to stand out.

shawl labuh syekha pale floral peach tudung2u

Image credit | tudung2u.com

EDZ Shawl Labuh SYEKHA Filigree Chain Cotton Yellow
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 28.00
Price after Cashback: RM 25.20

2. Pastel on Pastel

Pastel Muslimah And tudung outfit

Image credit | pinterest.com/justtrendygirls

If you’re feeling rather whimsical and want to let your innocence shine through then perhaps it is time for you to go all pastel. Slap on different colours of pastel from top to bottom. If you’re looking for that extra-whimsical look, get a pastel frilly long skirt and make sure it comes complete with a floral look.

shawl labuh tara premium pastel coffee

Image credit | tudung2u.com

BIKAYA Shawl Labuh TARA Premium Pastel Khaki
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 59.00
Price after Cashback: RM 53.10

3. Colour Blocking

turkish hijab designs

Image credit | justtrendygirls.com

You are going to need some really strong bold colours. For the best effect, make sure you pick the colours of the same brightness or deepness. A bright blue would definitely go well with a bright red colour. Same goes for a deep shade of green and a deep shade of blue.

shawl labuh mayra premium plain chiffon electric blue

Image credit | tudung2u.com

SHAWLFORYOU Shawl Labuh Mayra Premium Plain Chiffon Electric Blue 
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 59.00
Price after Cashback: RM 53.10

4. Print on Print

black and white muslimah outfit

Image credit | muslimstate.com

For this look, try to mix and match different type of prints. A good example would be to contrast stripes with polka dots. Balance your look out by pairing your printed tudung with a printed top, but go easy on your bottoms so you don’t  look like a walking optical illusion.

shawl standard chiffon corak stripes korea style eksklusif hitam putih

Image credit | tudung2u.com

LYNA_HIJAB Shawl Standard Chiffon Corak Stripes Korea Style Eksklusif Hitam Putih
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 29.00
Price after Cashback: RM 26.10

5. The Hipster Keffiyeh

dewi sandara keffiyeh hijab

Image credit | detik.com

Keffiyehs were all the rage and it was the epitome of hipsterdom a while ago. Why do do a throwback by donning a pair of Keffiyeh print tudung together with some acid washed jeans and a vintage printed t-shirt. It looks great and of course, bonus street cred for you!

shawl labuh shaza viscose corak square hitam

Image credit | tudung2u.com

LYNA HIJAB Shawl Standard Chiffon Corak Stripes Korea Style Eksklusif Hitam Putih
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 10.00
Price after Cashback: RM 9.00

6. The Statement Tudung

shawl labuh shaza viscose corak mosaic hitam

Image credit | tudung2u.com

NANA’S COLLECTIONS Shawl Labuh Shaza Viscose Corak Mosaic Hitam
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 10.00
Price after Cashback: RM 9.00

If you’ve ever had a tudung that is so extravagant that it clashes with everything else on your wardrobe? Then you, my friend, have yourself a Statement Tudung. This tudung is a statement piece and should be the only thing that stands out in your outfit. Pick up a pair of plain dress/jeans and top to go along with it because your tudung is all you need to make this outfit work.

7. Matching Accesories

tudung riana shawl flower blue

Image credit | tudung2u.com

syifa metal spring belt gold

Image credit | tudung2u.com

SHAWLFORYOU Tudung Riana Shawl Flower Blue
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 39.00
Price after Cashback: RM 35.10

EDZ Saarah – Metal Spring Belt – Silver
Available at Tudung2U for only: RM 35.00
Price after Cashback: RM 31.50

You can further enhance your look with matching accessories to bring the whole look together!

Say “NO” to drab outfits and get creative with some unconventional tudungs and outfits! Find one that suits your style from Tudung2u and enjoy 10% cashback!