As Ramadhan draws to a close and Syawal approaches, everyone would no doubt be busy with Hari Raya preparations. If you’re too busy to hit the shops to buy your ‘Baju Raya’, you can always do so online. In fact, many online stores now carry premium brands from well-known local designers. These are some of our picks for this year:

  1. Camilla Feathered Top by Khoon Hui (RM189) on FashionValet

This sweet polyester top features a boat neck top and dolman sleeves. Its mild Rosewood color is perfect when paired with a pair of white or grey pants and a printed headscarf.

The cooling polyester is suitable for our local humid weather too as it doesn’t trap heat. The highlight of this blouse is a light pinkish faux feather trim, which is truly a touch of haute couture.

Image credit: Fashion Valet
  1. Astrid Kimono Top by Alia Bastamam (RM247.90) on Zalora

This light chiffon printed blouse comes with a matching skirt, so it looks almost like a modern baju kurung.

The set comes from designer Alia Bastamam’s collection at Zalora. The kimono top features a V-neck and a side tie, making it very comfortable for wear. The set comes in two colors, dusky pink with leaf print and black with red floral print.


Alia B kimono set
Image credit: Zalora
  1. Poncho Aurel by Noor Arfa (RM103) on Zalora

Noor Arfa is a designer that specializes in traditional batik creations, and they’ve produced stunning pieces of clothing based on this ancient fabric art.

One of these is the Poncho Aurel, with its loose and comfortable fit. This simple blouse looks minimalistic, but the splash of batik flowers at the front is truly breathtaking. This top also comes in sweet pink.

Noor Arfa Poncho Aurel
Image credit: Zalora
  1. Empire Waist Asymmetrical Top by Aqeela Muslimah Wear (RM79) on Zalora

This soft satin blouse with a round neck and high waist will go well with any type of plain pants or skirt, preferably of a lighter color.

The peplum hem and ruffled sleeves give the top a princess-like feel which is very feminine and easy to the eyes. The hem is also asymmetrical, which is an interesting twist to an otherwise pleasantly designed top.

Aqeela Muslim pink print top
Image credit: Zalora
  1. Peplum Kebaya Top by Bajufoundry (RM 89) on Zalora

Kebaya tops are pretty enough, but when it’s modernized and fused with the peplum concept, it really becomes something else completely.

Bajufoundry has managed to seamlessly combine the traditional with the modern in this kebaya peplum top. It goes well with both skirts and pants, and you can even go for that business casual look by pairing it with jeans or leggings.

peplum kebaya from Bajufoundry
Image credit: Zalora
  1. Crepe Print Blouse by Studio 133 Biyan (RM929) on FashionValet

This luxurious yet comfy blouse is made of breathable crepe material, which blows in the wind as you walk. It comes in a free size with flared sleeves and is the epitome of class.

The blouse can be buttoned down in the front and features intricate prints of blue and red flowers on a dark background. You won’t have to think hard in order to accessorize this piece as any reddish orange jewelry, handbag and shoes will go really well with it.

Crepe Print Blouse In Red Flower Studio 133 Biyan
Image credit: Fashion Valet
  1. Decorative Knot Blouse by Poplook (RM79)

Wear this simple cream-colored blouse with a batik sarong skirt and the look will be more or less complete.

Its minimalistic yet elegant design can also be worn for dinners, formal events and for work so you won’t have to chuck it in the closer after Raya.

front knot blouse poplook
Image credit: Fashion Valet

There’s good news for you if you’re planning to buy your Raya clothes online, as there are plenty of promotional codes for both Zalora and Fashion Valet which will help you bring down your celebratory spendings.

Even if you’re not shopping for Raya alone, there’s always room for a nice muslimah blouse in your closet. Just remember to find space in your closet.

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