It’s that time of the year when #MYCYBERSALE comes around and everyone’s looking for the best deals. You asked, so we’re answering with 10 of the cheapest deals we can find under RM10 this #MYCYBERSALE:


Lazada celebrates #MYCYBERSALE with up to 14% cashback on ShopBack and extra 5% off  mobile reloads (max. discount RM5, excludes Hotlink) with the code “TOPUP5OCT” (ends 31 October 2017).

They also have flash sales that are updated every 3 hours from 10am to 10pm from 9th to 13th October, so refresh that page for the best Lazada discounts!

Here are some deals you can get on Lazada already:

1) Eyeliner Pencil Pen Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup Cosmetic Tool – RM 6

Waterproof Eyeliner on Lazada
Image Credit: Lazada

Every woman’s secret weapon to beautiful eyes lies in a good eyeliner. This waterproof eyeliner has a fine tip, so it’s easy to use and you don’t need to worry about drawing thick lines (unless that’s your thing). It’s also quick-drying and has a long-lasting formula, keeping retouching of your makeup to a minimum.

Before Discount: RM16 / Before Cashback: RM6 / After Cashback (14%): RM5.16

2) Electronic Kitchen Scale – RM 8.60

Electronic Kitchen Scale on Lazada
Image Credit: Lazada

When you’re baking or cooking, do you ever wish you don’t need to agak how much sugar or salt you need? This electronic kitchen scale will rescue you from your estimation woes. You also get free Kleenex to clean up the mess in the kitchen, so you’re covered.

Before Discount: RM69 / Before Cashback: RM8.60 / After Cashback (4.5%): RM8.21


11street’s #MYCYBERSALE deals from 9th October 2017 to 13 October 2017 will get you up to 99% off their items. You can even get a Shopping Cart Coupon for 11% off (up to RM50) on 11street. Their flash deals happen at 11am and 5pm.

Here are examples of what you can get from 11street for under RM10 for #MYCYBERSALE:

3) Scott’s Emulsion Orange – RM 8.40

Scott's Emulsion Orange 400ml
Image Credit: 11street

Keep you and your family healthy with the cod liver oil your mother used you ask you to drink everyday. Note that shipping fees apply unless you spend at least RM 80, so get a few more bottles to share!

Before Discount: RM16.69/ Before Cashback: RM8.40 / After Cashback (2%): RM8.23

4) Simple Hanging Home Space and Partition Divider (Available in 3 colours) – RM 2.25

Home Partition Divider
Image Credit: 11street

If you’d like to partition your home or even use it as a decorative piece, you could get this partition divider. We hear you get a free gift too!

Before Discount: RM12.25/ Before Cashback: RM2.25 / After Cashback (2%): RM2.20


Dimsum is a streaming service that brings you all the latest Asian dramas and more.

Here’s what you can get from Dimsum for #MYCYBERSALE this 9th to 13th October:

5) Dimsum Subscription – Asian Dramas, Variety Shows, Movies and More – RM 5

If you’re a fan of Asian dramas, you can’t miss this deal to get your Asian drama fix for only RM 5 per month, instead of RM 15 just by using the coupon code “MYCYBERSALE”.

Before Discount: RM15 per month / Before Cashback: RM5 per month  / After Cashback: RM5 per month + RM 8 cashback


Qoo10 is also celebrating their Perfect 10.10 sale on top of #MYCYBERSALE. Not only are their sales dates extended from 9th October 2017 to 15th October 2017, you can also expect to see huge Qoo10 discounts and promos. You can get a 16% off cart coupon (min. purchase RM60) and a RM50 cart coupon (min. purchase 265) from Qoo10.

The Qoo10 cashback you can get through ShopBack has also increased to up to a whooping 14%.

Qoo10 has a banner on their #MYCYBERSALE page that tells you what you can buy at RM10:


6) Marutai Tonkotsu Shoyu Instant Ramen (5 Flavours) (Made In Japan) – RM 10

Marutai Tonkotsu Shoyu Instant Ramen
Image Credit: Qoo10

Have some instant ramen at home when you’re craving for some Japanese ramen. There are 5 different flavours to choose from, from Chicken Bone Soy Sauce to Kagoshima Kurobuta.

Before Discount: RM22.90 / Before Cashback: RM10  / After Cashback (2%): RM9.80

7) Summer short sleeve T-shirt/Cotton T-shirt/tops – RM 10

Summer short sleeve T-shirt
Image Credit: Qoo10

Stay on top of the fashion trend in Korea by buying some off-shoulder tops, or even just some regular tops. Just in case you already find it difficult to decide what to but, they have more than a 100 different designs of women’s clothing just in one product listing.

Before Discount: RM35 / Before Cashback: RM10  / After Cashback (14%): RM8.60


Fave kept it simple, with a page with all of their best deals for #MYCYBERSALE. We couldn’t find any deal below RM10, but there were 2 deals at RM11. If we add in the 4.5% cashback, it may not come up to RM10, but it’s certainly close enough. One of the deals on Fave was this:

8) [MyCyberSale] 5 Pieces of Signature Raisin Cream Buns – RM 11

raisin cream bun barcook bakery
Image Credit: Barcook Bakery | Fave

According to our calculations, 5 Raisin Cream Buns comes up to RM2.20 for one bun. That’s still below RM10, right?

Before Discount: RM19.50 / Before Cashback: RM11  / After Cashback (4.5%): RM10.50


Zalora has a very helpful slider that helps to filter the prices out for us. You could get cute polka dot t-shirts, shampoo, body lotion, and lip balm, all for below RM10.

Here’s what you can also get on Zalora with 6% cashback:

9) Mini Pink Ultra Fine Bath Lily – The Body Shop – RM 9.90

The Body Shop Bath Lily
Image Credit: The Body Shop | Zalora

You can use this to scrub yourself clean.

Before Cashback: RM9.90  / After Cashback (6%): RM9.30


Shoppu has 12% off with the code MCS17 and deals starting from RM1, as well as 2% cashback via ShopBack.

Here’s what you could get on Shoppu for #MYCYBERSALE for RM10:

10) ASOTV Press Measure Oil Control Dispenser Cruet Glass Bottles (Red)

ASOTV Press Measure Oil Control Dispenser Cruet Glass Bottles
Image Credit: ASOTV | Shoppu

This oil dispenser is most useful for those of us who really hate to measure things using spoons. It can store 500ml of oil, and it measures and dispenses liquid in 1 teaspoon or half tablespoon increments. Remember to use the voucher code “BOTTLE” so it’ll cost RM10 and come with free shipping.

Before Discount: RM79.90 / Before Cashback: RM10  / After Cashback (2%): RM9.80

We’re pretty sure that’s not all of the RM10 deals you can find for #MYCYBERSALE. So if you find any deal at RM10 or below, do let us know!