For all you girls out there, if you've run dry on ideas on gifts for your boyfriend, then have we got a solution for you. Will you be more adventurous in your hunt for the perfect gift for him? Well, you should be! Guys love girls who are fundamentally feminine but have tendencies to suddenly reveal masculine personas. We find it cute. What guys love even more are girls with a great sense of humour (especially if you are crude at times lol). Thus, if you want to be the 'cool' girlfriend with a seemingly thorough understanding of men, these gifts from this fun Singaporean online store, HipVan will definitely hit the spot with local items that will bring a smile to his face.


1. These uniquely local tees


If your boyfriend is vulgar and boorish, these tees will totally be his thing. With a minimalist and obscene design unperturbed by public scrutiny, the gift of the “uh uh siol.” or “knnbccb.” tees will ensure that you’ll be the coolest girlfriend in town.

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2. This “His Keyholder”


Make your boyfriend cringe everytime he grabs his bunch of keys and laugh at his misery. There's a female version for this which is sold out for now. You can probably wait for it to come back in stock.

Get this keychain here with 5% cashback!

3. This “Random Crap” Tin Pocket Box


Funny and functional! If your boyfriend smokes, he could probably use this conscientious storage box to slot in his cigarettes.

Get this fancy box here 5% cashback and he can store the money you've just earned from buying this into it!

4. This Whip, For Your Kinky Nights



Why not jump on the '50 Shades of Grey' fad train and try out some moves with this. Fun and hilarity will ensue when you present this gift. Watch your other half's mouth gape open after realising that his sweet princess turned into a dominant queen. It's all about adult fun with this one (or even just fun. You can buy this as a prank if you aren't into this just to see his reaction!).

Get this whip here with 5% cashback (and check out the other naughty items they have to spice up your relationship)!

5. This jaded notebook


Use this as a gift to 'warn' your other half of the 'benefits' of being married or in a committed relationship just to push his buttons. Be passive aggressive about it!

Tease him with this funny notebook and check out other statement notebooks here with 5% cashback!

With these items, you'll definitely surprise him! Make sure you click through ShopBack’s portal before exploring HipVan! With hundreds of great gifts from local and international brands, you will definitely be able to find a gift unlike anything that he has ever seen before. Click here, to browse, have a good laugh and buy a great gift!

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