Netflix has offered up some of the best Hollywood and American TV creations for viewers. Think Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, American Vandal and The Haunting of Hill House. However, Netflix has a lot more than just its English language content. If you’re adventurous, there are plenty of quality productions from other countries, like Kingdom, the zombie movie from South Korea. Here are some of the non-English shows you can check out on Netflix:

  1. 3% (Brazil)

3% is a series from Brazil and presented in Portuguese. Set in a dystopian future, this series tells of a group of impoverished youths who are given a chance to go to ‘The Offshore’ for a better, more comfortable life. The only catch is that they have to undergo a series of trials, and only the top 3% will pass and be allowed to go.

The young people face a crisis of humanity and ethics as they have to make decisions that compromise friendships and challenge their moral core. How far will they go to in order to pass the tests?

  1. The Rain (Denmark)

Danish web series The Rain focuses on two siblings, Simone and Rasmus Anderson. They survive a deadly virus attack that came suddenly with a bout of rain by hiding in a bunker connected to their father, a famous scientist. As their father goes missing, they survive underground for the next six years, eventually emerging and meeting other survivors.

Thus begins their journey to find their father, and discover the truth behind the deadly virus that has wiped out everyone else.

  1. Empresses in the Palace (China)

Zhen Huan is a beautiful and simple girl who is chosen to be the concubine of the Manchurian emperor YongZheng. However, she is soon drawn into the deadly and dangerous politics of the harem, where she has to compete with the emperor’s other wives and concubines for power and affection. As she begins to lose her friends and loved ones in this power play, her heart becomes hardened and her innocence quickly fades away.

In order to protect herself and exact revenge, she now harbors ambitions to be Empress, the highest position in the harem. Will she be successful?

  1. Love O2O (China)

Love 020 was one of China’s best romance series in recent years. This story follows Bei Weiwei, an avid gamer on an online game called ‘Chinese Ghost Story’. However, her online avatar ‘husband’ leaves her one day and pairs up with someone else. Dejected, she soon gets an offer from another gamer called Yixiao Naihe to partner up and they soon find that they hit it off quite well. However, what is Yixiao Naihe’s true identity? How is he connected to the campus heartthrob Xiao Nai? As Bei Weiwei navigates the ins and outs of university life as well as her online gaming adventure, will she ever find out his true identity?

  1. Mischievous Kiss, Love in Tokyo (Japan)

Kotoko Aihara is a kind and hardworking girl, but she struggles at her studies. She has a crush on the school’s smartest and best-performing student, Naoki Irie and confesses to him, but is instantly rejected. One day, her life falls apart when her house is irreparably damaged by a falling meteor. Her father’s friend offers them a place to stay and when she moves in, who else does she meet except the cold-hearted Naoki, who turns out to be the eldest son of the house. Will she ever survive this humiliation?

  1. Hormones (Thailand)

Hormones is a series that takes place in a high school and involves all the usual challenges of adolescence. The main characters fall in and out of love, get bullied, rebel against teachers, try contraband and generally give in to their hormones. However, they soon learn that all decisions they make have consequences.

  1. Sang Penari (Indonesia)

Sang Penari is a 2011 film starring Prisia Nasutiona as Srintil, an orphan who dreams of becoming a ronggeng dancer. Her best friend Rasus harbors feelings for her, but social and political pressure keep them apart. If you’re interested in Indonesian lore and culture, this is one movie that will no doubt introduce you to the tensions between tradition and modernity.

  1. Kopitiam ( Malaysia)

Kopitiam was a famous comedy series that aired from 1998 to 2013. The show follows Marie, who returns to Malaysia after inheriting her father’s coffee shop. She wants to revive it and recruits the help of her father’s friends, Uncle Chand and Uncle Kong, as well as other characters like snooty lawyer Susan, flamboyant hairdresser Steven and out-of-work actor Joe. If you missed this in the 90s, it’s time to catch up with one of the best Malaysian comedy series to be made.

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*Featured Image Credit: Unsplash