Let’s say you’ve just endured a bad bout of morning sickness. After an eternity of pouring tears and vomit into a pail, you’re now finally propped up on your bed feeling human again.

But just as you close your eyes to rest, an awful thought strikes you like an arrow to the heart: you’re wearing an oversized T-shirt and pyjama shorts, and that’s all that you’ve been wearing ever since you entered your second trimester. Looking around at the collection of maternity clothes you’ve amassed, you can’t remember the last time you dressed up well.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in this unhappy trade-off between feeling comfy and looking fashionable, don’t be discouraged. Whether you want to look chic, elegant or cool whilst growing legs and eyeballs inside of you, here’re some fabulous finds from Qoo10 that will get you started on your maternity style quest:


High, low, wide or out in front; it really doesn’t matter what your baby bump looks like. Dresses are a great option that you’ll definitely look regal in and feel comfy in. Besides, it’s a universal fact that dresses are the most convenient option for when you need to pee (which, frankly, is all the time).

Bold Prints: Party Time!

Bold Print Dress

Even if all the puking has drained away the blood from your face, bold statement dresses will always save the day. Floral motifs are a no-brainer, and striking graphics are a work of art. Vibrant colors lend you energy, and retro prints are a sure way to add funk to your wardrobe.

Funky Sunglasses

Style tip: If you want to stand out from the crowd, get creative and pair your statement dress with eye-catching accessories such as oversized aviators with colored lenses or chunky necklaces. The options are endless!

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Seller Name: Baby-tree House
Item Name: 20 June 2017Nursing Wear Top/ Breastfeeding dress/ outfit / Pajamas Maternity Clothes Clothings
Type: BR-P1
Color: 7
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Seller Name: Color life
Item Name: 2017 Women Fashion Sunglasses Eyeglasses Retro Couple glasses UV protection Polarized Glasses
Type: YJ1-34
Color: A
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM23.90 – RM37.90
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Elegance: An Eternal Trend

Elegant Dress

Pick a dress that speaks to you – one that is the right combination of glamour, sophistication and self-assuredness. Just bear in mind that a refined look doesn’t always need to be ridiculously costly; a well-fitting budget buy works just as well.

Pearl Drop Earrings

Style tip: Pick out simpler accessories such as a diamond solitaire pendant or a pair of pearl drop earrings. Your general direction should be allowing your elegance to gently exude, instead of being forcefully created by piling on expensive jewelry.

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Seller Name: Qoo10.sg
Item Name: 21/2/17 NEW! High Quality Korean Design Maternity Wear Maternity Dress Maternity Clothes
Type: M1001
Color: A (Black and beige)
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM170.50
Through ShopBack: RM163.68

Seller Name: mrcyc_sg
Item Name: 2015 Newest Water Drop Platinum Filled Earrings Women Vintage Brilliant Tiny Artificial Pearl Platinum Plated Stud Earrings
Color: Platinum Plated
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM47.40
Through ShopBack: RM45.50


Like dresses, skirts are such a beautiful option for baby bumps. From mini, midi and maxi to pencil, A-line and mermaid, your choices are limitless. Depending on the material you choose, some skirts even have the potential to grow together with your baby belly.

Maxi Skirts: For Every Occasion

Maxi Skirt

Bohemian, floral, tribal. Lace, cotton, tulle. High slit, fit and flare, bodycon. From pattern, fabric to style, maxi skirts have you covered no matter your trimester or occasion. Wear your maxi skirt with a comfy T-shirt and match it with bracelets and charms; there you have an adorable casual-chic outfit that you’ll find yourself repeating over and over again.

Boho Sandals

Style tip: Accentuate your flowy, summertime look with cute sandals, such as a pair of gladiator sandals or wrap-up sandal with pom-poms and other intricate adornments.

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Seller: Qoo10.sg
Item: Bohemian slit maxi skirt – Geometric
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM80.70
Through ShopBack: RM77.47

Seller: betterlook(my)
Item: MIA Women’s Renata Flat Sandal
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM396.36 – RM399
Through ShopBack: RM380.50 – RM383.00

Trumpet Skirts: Versatility Embodied

Trumpet Skirt

Trumpet skirts are extremely versatile, and are appropriate for virtually every social occasion. To create different looks, simply pair the skirts with different clothing items, such as a classic button-down shirt for work, a lace top for a wedding party, and a simple white top for an afternoon out with your friends.


Style tip: If you want a bag that’s both sophisticated and roomy enough to contain your parenthood books, add a classic satchel handbag to your outfit. Plus point: It even goes well with dress-down jeans.

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Seller: Q-trading.MY
Item: (Pretty spit holding spit) sk1487 Mermaid line of elegant mood flared skirt skirt
Color: Sora (Also available in beige, rose pink and black)
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM237.10
Through ShopBack: RM227.60

Seller: copi
Item: [Goodsbag] Sale free shipping women shouderbag/ crossbodybag/ fashionbag/ stylebag/ casualbag/ ladybag/ leatherbag/ travelbag/ shippingbag/ totebag
Color: Pink Ivory (Also available in black, mint, pink, navy, cherry)
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM92.50
Through ShopBack: RM88.80


When you’re pregnant, you can hardly anticipate what your body will do or feel next; that’s why it’s always good to be well-prepared. If you’re going somewhere that has air-conditioning or is naturally chilly, beat the cold with gorgeous outerwear you can use to create different styles.

Embroidered Cardigan: Boho-Chic

Embroidered Cardigan

Cardigans with patterns and hand-made embroidery details always make for an interesting look. If you don’t fancy designs that have motifs splashed all over it, you can look out for subtler ones that break their patterns apart.

Patchwork Jeans

Style tip: For a casual look, match your flowy cardigan with jeans. While you’re at it, pick out denim with interesting details, such as embroidery and patchwork.

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Item: Native pattern long cardigan
Color: White
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM172.10
Through ShopBack: RM165.22

Seller: 25 December
Item: Spring jeans female patch trousers high-waisted
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM49.90
Through ShopBack: RM47.90

Blazer: Instant Pick-Me-Up


From formal to casual wear, blazers are the quickest way to take your outfit from zero to hero. Instantly dress up your jeans and T-shirt ensemble with a jacket. For a chic look, wear a pair of stilettos. For a casual look, pair your outfit with sneakers. To look boho-chic, pick out ankle boots and add a cute headband.

Embellished Clutch

Style tip: Clutches are the easiest way to create a fuss-free look with your blazer. If your jacket has flamboyant graphics all over it, go for a plain-colored clutch; if it is a simple one, go for embellished clutches with bright colors.

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Seller: Qoo10.sg
Item: Style Blazers (S.M.L.XL) – Work Office OL Causal Formal Style Womens Jacket
Color: Black (Also available in white)
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM65.50
Through ShopBack: RM62.90

Seller: koollookshop
Item: [vik] candy pink clutch
Direct purchase from Qoo10: RM380
Through ShopBack: RM364.80

Have fun dressing up, mommas-to-be! Congratulations on your baby!

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