In 2017, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch, which revived the hand-held console gaming industry. Now, there are more than 2000 games available for players. So, you’ve got a Switch. But how do you make the most out of it? Here are some accessories to make your Nintendo Switch experience easier.

There are many accessories out there that make the Switch experience more accessible. Play Mario Kart with a steering wheel, and more! These are some of the accessories we’ve found useful for customising your Switch.

Nintendo Switch grips for easier control

Due to the console’s flat nature, you’ll need a little more support for your thumbs if you’re playing for hours. A set of Nintendo Switch thumb grips will help you control the console a little better, acting just like an Xbox console you’re familiar with. You can also rest your thumbs on the surface of the grips if you get tired. You’re also less likely to drop your switch, as it snugly fits into the grip.

Price: RM19.95 onwards.

A tempered glass screen protector for your screen

Sometimes, accidents happen. You might trip and drop your Switch, or have something spilt on it. Thankfully, tempered glass screen protectors are here to help. They prevent cracks, scratches and are waterproof, so your screen won’t sustain damage so easily when dropped or spilt on. However, you still have to be careful when handling your switch.

Price: RM 5.86 onwards

Stickers to personalise your Nintendo Switch

Give your Switch a little personal flair with stickers specially designed for the Switch. With many themed stickers from Pokémon to My Neighbor Totoro, you’ll have plenty of designs to choose from! Your friends will love your Switch and you’ll get plenty of admirers who want one as well.

Price: RM26.80 0nwards

Memory cards to store more games

The Nintendo Switch includes 32 GB of internal storage, which is barely enough if you want to download many games. Here are the file sizes of some popular games:

  • The Witcher 3 – 28.1 GB
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 14.2 GB
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 13.4 GB
  • Pokemon Sword And Shield – 9.5 GB
  • Mario Kart 8 – 6.7 GB

Invest in a memory card to hold more space for the games you love and you won’t have to worry about your storage space running out! They come in various sizes (64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB), so choose the one that fits your needs the most!

Price: RM 55 onwards.

Invest in a Joy-Con steering wheel for your Nintendo Switch

Playing racing games is a breeze with a steering wheel for your Joy-Con. You’ll feel as if you’re playing in an arcade itself! You’ll be able to steer better and have more fun on racing games like Mario Kart 8!

Price: RM 13.18 onwards

A carrying case for on-the-go gameplay

Going on a holiday and want to bring your Switch? Store it safely with a carrying case for your Switch, wires, and Joy-Con controllers! Protect your screen by keeping it in a case. You’ll find everything easier and more organized too.

Price: From RM 19 onwards.

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