Games should be something everybody wants to play. So says Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the famed video game designers behind Nintendo. Knowing how to get your Nintendo Switch games in Malaysia can be a tricky affair. Knowing where to get your favourite games can be even more daunting, unless money is no matter.

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The most convenient way to seek, shop and snap up your Switch games for a steal (almost) is to get them online. From Donkey Kong to Super Mario, and Odyssey to Minecraft, Nintendo games are a way of life for gamers of all ages. Better yet, there is a whole slew of Nintendo Switch games that can be played exclusively on Nintendo Switch. These include Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Tennis Aces, Fast RMX and Golf Story. Geek gamers power on!

Digital Games or Physical Cartridge: You Decide

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The benefits of having digital games on your Nintendo Switch is that you never have to buy the physical cartridges. All you have to do is download a digital copy of the game into your console. And presto, you’re ready player 1. However, you do need to invest in a microSD card to store all your downloaded games.

The rewards of owning the physical cartridges is the ability to share it with family and friends. Inevitably, this saves you money as sharing means you get to play a wider choice of games shared by others. Better yet, trade the game with others when you’re done and continue checking out the new ones. Best of all, physical cartridges of collectors’ edition games include cool, limited edition stuff. Gamers and collectors be stoked with merchandise, stickers, art books and even soundtracks.

So, make the switch from your traditional game console and get hooked on Nintendo Switch. This handy guide will lead you to the most accessible places to get your Nintendo Switch games in Malaysia.

1. 11street

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Who doesn’t love 11street? It’s Malaysia’s most exciting e-mall with endless selections and exciting deals in diverse categories. These include gamers’ tech and electronic games. As one of the top global e-commerce markets, 11street makes getting Nintendo Switch games real easy in Malaysia.

Game cover of Pokken Tournament
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Better yet, there is a wide choice of games on 11street from the ever-popular Go Pikachu, Pokken Tournament, South Park to Gear Club. So, race on over to 11street and get ready to be amazed by the selection of individual games plus game bundles. When it’s too pricey, mode of payment by instalment is also available.

Game cover of Gear Club 2
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Best of all is the amazing savings when you get them online. Just look out for 11street vouchers for better discounts like never before. Remember to go through ShopBack to earn up to 6% cashback.

2. Lazada

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Another popular e-mall in Malaysia is Lazada. It’s little wonder that Lazada is the top online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia. Find the Nintendo Switch games you want easily in Lazada‘s Electronic Devices category.

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Their Nintendo Switch bundles online are quite attractive too as it includes a selection of games with console, controller and pouch. Just as attractive is the Seller Picks function that guides you what games are popular in the market now.

Game cover of Fallen Legion Rise To Glory
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Moreover, a quick browse will show pre-loved Nintendo Switch combo sets with games included. These are available for sale at reasonable rates. Why pay full price when you can get better value for your money. While change of mind and return to seller within 14 days feature is available, do note that warranty is not available for pre-owned items.

What saves you more money is the Lazada sale vouchers that offer amazing discounts with every purchase. Keep in mind to shop via Shopback and earn up to 10% cashback.

3. Shopee

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Game for more shopping? Head to Shopee Malaysia, one of the top most visited e-commerce sites in Malaysia. And get your fix on new and pre-loved games at affordable prices. From individual games to promo combo sets, there’s plenty to choose from.

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Better yet, there’s a huge selection of accessories from stickers, labels, cases, pouches and limited edition merchandise available too. For the hard-core gamer, there are jailbroken Nintendo Switch Japan sets.

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Take advantage of the Shopee promo code and enjoy smart savings when you shop at Shopee. Even better is the up to 6% cashback earned when you shop via ShopBack.

4. iPrice Malaysia

Alternative online shopping stores such as iPrice Malaysia offer an opportunity to compare prices before making your purchase. Likewise, iPrice has a huge collection of game titles and accessories to choose from at competitive prices. What’s useful is their easy-to-compare prices product display that enables buyers to see details and merchants instantly.

5. Carousell Malaysia

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In search of pre-owned games as new ones can be quite expensive? Try Carousell Malaysia, home of gamers intending to sell games they no longer play. Striking up a communication with the seller and negotiating better deals may even score you more savings. After all, Carousell has a review feature that helps buyers to know their seller better.

6. Neighbourhood Gaming Stores

Traditionalists who still prefer face-to-face contact with games would head down to their fave gaming store. It’s best to check out the merchandise before buying. And there’s also an opportunity to meet other avid gamers who can review and recommend games.

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One of the more popular gaming stores in Johor Bahru is Jansen Gameshop located in the city. This shop features a wide array of Nintendo Switch games, regularly re-stocks them and readily orders games at customer’s request. Having a good relationship with their customers, and many have become regulars, makes Jansen Gameshop a go-to store for gamers.

Frontage of Mission World shop with customers around
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In Kuala Lumpur, gamers can head to Mission World located at Mid Valley Megamall to find new and pre-owned games for sale. Easily accessible and known for their ready stock of games, it’s a great place to browse and satiate your Nintendo needs. Further, ready crew and game experts are available to answer every query. That’s a definite plus from buying games online.

Make Nintendo Your World

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Undoubtedly, games provide an escape from reality when we need it.  Nintendo Switch games is no different. Ultimately relaxing and de-stressing, it’s best to enhance your experience with super cool accessories that only Nintendo gamers deserve.

Top on your list should be the tempered glass screen protector to prevent scratches on your screen. Affordable, it’s a gamer’s must-buy noting the amount of time you may be playing on your Switch. Better be safe than sorry. Next is the Switch Screen Cover Stand that’s very handy when you’re travelling. Able to convert your Switch into a ready-to-play console on tables and even aeroplane trays, the cover also offers added protection for your screen.

Super Mario toy on table
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For Super Mario lovers, the Joy-Con Wheel for Mario Karting elevates your play experience. Further, having a wheel helps you steer around tight corners and sharpen your karting skills. Finally, a carrying case makes travelling with your Switch so much easier. Most cases can hold extra games, cables, controllers and what-nots in a handy travel tote.

Are you addicted to Nintendo Switch games as yet? Share your addiction with the rest of us.

Note: The information presented in the article is correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change without prior notice.