Men's shoe brands are something of a messy competition these days. There are just as many brands on the men's side of shoe fashion as the women's, arguably more.

This is why we see a rising trend of men's shoe buying guides (and men's fashion in general) making appearances in newspapers and magazines. It is all an effort to give the guys a low-down of what's hot and what's not.

But even as these guides get increasingly popular, there seems to be a flip-side to the cumulative pool of recommendations. It gets harder to find the shoes that are the truly best deals. You get the usual brands making appearances, but their shoes are usually of the higher-end categories. They often are within the two or five hundred price range. Some sub-thousand ringgit shoes see print on some lists as well, and one wonders if someone like us, the average earning alpha-males, can afford them.

Fear not, ShopBack is here to shake things up. We will do something different and offer the three most exceptional under RM200 and yes you read me right, sub-200 ringgit shoes you can get through ShopBack.

Read on.



Lets start off with the ZALORA Basics Faux Leather Lace Up Dress Shoes , simply because ZALORA is one of the top online retail stores within ShopBack's extensive line-up. Basics is one of their flagship shoes. This 'thoroughbred' of a business shoe has the leather durability to match its toughness. It has a pebbled texture that gives it that secure sense of ruggedness, while still looking incredibly smooth and classy. The inside linings are soft and comfy, a perfect complement to the supple leather exterior. The apron toecap is rounded and adds even more comfort around your toes, helping you go through long sessions at the office or long walks like they are no issue at all.

And who says you have to fork out hundred dollars for dress shoes like Zalora Basics? This unassuming winner is available for only RM119, with free delivery, and an ultra-handy 30 day return policy that tops off the wonderful customer satisfaction Zalora provides.

Get it at: ZALORA with 9% cashback

Stacy Adams Royalty 24669


How about if you are wanting a slicker patent leather look in the vein of Rad Russell or Church's, but you have only about fifty dollars to spend? The Stacy Adams Royalty 24669 should waltz into your shopping list with three delectable choices of white, navy and classic black patent leather

One look at the Royalty makes you feel royal. The swirling separation of colours crowning the surface from the surprisingly roomy bicycle toes to the proud and beautiful-looking tongue serve as the design language for this absolutely classy pair of shoes. You can be the highlight among ladies with these shoes, no doubt, and you will do it with comfort from the linings.

This shiny king of the party does not cost the fortune you so fear, but only $59.95 (around RM195.90) for the black and white versions, and a mere ten dollars more for perhaps the best looking of the three colours: killer-looking Navy. Can you say, “Not Bad?”

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Cole Soft Stags


And then lets end it off with something more functional, something that can get you from office to pub with maturity and yet a good, healthy amount of good looks. The Cole Soft Stags look neither supple like the ZALORA Basics nor heartbreakingly handsome like the Stacy Adams Royalty. It does, however have good looks coupled with super-comfort.

The dual-density and slip resistant TPR sole makes sure you never lose a beat. The sole's material has exceptional grip, which is not surprising, but it is the same material that is super soft and thus comfortable. Imagine walking on a pocket of air, but at all times, just when you need it…

The dual lined toes mirror that of the Royalty with slightly more thickness in the parallel folds on both sides. This gives it a British look, not unlike the Royalty, but with an older, more retro sensibility. It provides as a good counterpoint to the Royalty if one considers both for purchasing. All in all, at USD$50.00 (around RM178.25), it serves as a good business/work shoe for the busy, accomplished man that you are. And, yes, you can get the Cole Soft Stag alongside the Stacy Adams Royalty (and pretty everything you need to be pure class) on ShoeBuy.

Get it at: ShoeBuy with 6% cashback
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Always remember, you never need to worry about paying two hundred dollars for a pair of dress shoes and feeling unnecessary buyer's remorse, when fifty dollars can get you there instead, sometimes with a little more class and comfort…when you search on ShopBack…

We do everything we can to ensure that the prices on our and other companies websites are correct. Prices were referenced on 10 February, 2015

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