No outfit is complete without a piece of jewellery! Thankfully, FashionValet carries a dazzling range of jewellery from pearl bracelets to crystal earrings that will be versatile additions to your wardrobe.

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Ola Multi Layer Pearls Bracelet

Price: RM159 | Price after cashback: RM151.05Ola Multi Layer Pearls Bracelet

Ola might have just joined the FashionValet family but its exquisite designs are already drawing much attention. One example is this multi-layered pearl bracelet which offers a mix of simplicity and sophistication. Designed like a mini garland to be worn on the forearm, it is embellished with pearls for a classy look, making it suitable for any outfit choice.

[in]trigue Diamond Stone Necklace

Price: RM132.75 | Price after cashback: RM126.11[in]trigue Diamond Stone Necklace

This diamond stone necklace by [in]trigue is crafted in truly minimalist style. It features a mere semi-precious stone while the chain is made of white rhodium plated on brass. However, the highlight of this modern piece is undoubtedly the three-dimensional diamond-shaped cage that houses the stone. Taken entirely, the contemporary geometric design exudes a simple yet graceful charm and goes well with solid colours.

Gung Sanho Silver Earrings

Price: RM59 | Price after cashback: RM56.05Gung Sanho Silver Earrings

Some people think the design of this unique pair of earrings resembles reindeer’s antlers, others think it looks like a stream of teardrops. Designed with affordability and attractiveness in mind, these earrings add individuality and an understated charm to your outfit without being too harsh on the wallet.

Dipped Row Tulip Brooch

Price: RM55 | Price after cashback: RM52.25Dipped Row Tulip Brooch

Brooches are rarely part of a lady’s collection but this one from Dipped Row is not to be missed. The tulips emanate a cheerfulness and warmth associated with the coming of summer while the faux pearls adorn the brooch with an air of vintage style. When fitted on a plain dress or hijab, the brooch does a wonderful job of elevating your entire outfit. It is available in gold or silver.

Wanderlust + Co Orbit Pearl and Crystal Ring

Price: RM207.76 | Price after cashback: RM197.37Wanderlust + Co Orbit Pearl and Crystal Ring

Regardless of marital status, rings are must-haves for every lady’s jewellery collection.  Take for instance this Orbit Pearl and Crystal Ring from Wanderlust + Co. Designed in an elliptical shape with zirconia gems, its elegance confers an air of dignity on the wearer. It can also be adorned with other jewels and precious stones if you’re going for the opulent look. For an even more feminine touch, go for the ring in rose gold. Otherwise, the gold and silver are classic colours that go well with any outfit.

Wanderlust + Co Ava Choker

Price: RM210.36 | Price after cashback: RM199.84Wanderlust + Co Ava Choker

Although chokers were trendier back in the 90s, do not be so quick to write off this piece from Wanderlust + Co. With a petite rose quartz gemstone accent, the Ava choker teases with its sensuality while retaining its distinct retro and sleek character. Finished with bar pendants, it comes with an adjustable lobster clasp for greater comfort. To draw more attention to this choker, pair it with a halter-top or sleeveless top.

Dipped Row Mood Stone Cuff

Price: RM101 | Price after cashback: RM95.95Dipped Row Mood Stone Cuff

With its rose gold finish, Dipped Row’s Mood Stone Cuff creates a gentle feminine aura for its wearer. Though simple in construction, it is embellished with a statement stone that sets it apart from typical cuffs or even bracelets. It is designed to be slipped onto the wrist or forearm, with a loose fit that makes for comfortable wear. The gentle hue of the rose gold goes well with grey and is highly compatible with minimalist outfits.

Dipped Row Round Crystal Stud Earrings

Price: RM68 | Price after cashback: RM64.6Dipped Row Round Crystal Stud Earrings

To add some affordable bling into your wardrobe, look no further than this pair of crystal stud earrings. Retailing at less than RM100, it is a versatile piece that fits seamlessly into any outfit theme. Its classy and refined look goes well with both simple and intricate outfits, from plain dresses to flowing evening gowns. Moreover, at only 0.6cm diameter, it is not meant as a statement earring but rather seeks to captivate with its understated but undeniable charm.

Dipped Row Star Bright Cuff

Price: RM83 | Price after cashback: RM78.85Dipped Row Star Bright Cuff

The youthful Star Bright Cuff is perhaps one of the more casual pieces of jewellery from Dipped Row. Its plain gold cuff is uplifted by the single diamante encrusted star, giving the entire piece a playful and innocent charm. If it seems unsubstantial on its own, buff it up in an arm stack. Its unique design really takes centre stage when used as an anchor for other plain cuffs and bangles.

Whatever the occasion, FashionValet has a piece of jewellery to match your outfit. Moreover with ShopBack Malaysia, up to 5% cashback is offered so you can shop in peace knowing there is no need to spend a bomb on pampering yourself this year. On top of that, enjoy further discounts with FashionValet vouchers. Now is the time to up your fashion game!

All pictures are taken from FashionValet unless otherwise stated. All prices are correct as of 12/01/2017.