Female best friends

Every girl definitely has her own #girlsquad. Just like Taylor Swift, we are pretty sure that your girl friends have helped through bad breakups, emergency shopping sessions and even aided you in escaping from a potential bad date. Whatever the reason is, it is time to shower her with something special to show her your love! Each and every one of your girlfriend deserves something unique that represents her personality. Charles and Keith has one of the most comprehensive online catalogues for women and offers a countless range of gift ideas.  Consider your girl friends’ various quirks and characters and decide on the perfect gift for them!

For the Edgy

For the one who loves the unconventional. She creates her own trends and is always a step ahead in fashion. She hates to follow what is current and popular and strays from the beaten path. For this girl friend of yours, conventional  feminine pieces do not suit her.  Instead, go for menswear-inspired loafers, structured totes and modern backpacks as a tribute to her feistiness!

Charles and Keith flatlay for the Edgy girl

For the Feminine

She loves the classic chick flicks and carries herself with an air of elegance. She’s lady-like yet tough in her own way. For this classy lady, feminine picks like lace and luxe gold clutches will complement her fabulously.

Charles and Keith flatlay for the feminine girl

For the Naturalist

She’s the girl who loves to kick off her shoes and sink her feet in the mud. She is highly adventurous and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. She is likely to be highly passionate about environmental and conservation causes.  She is never still in one place, preferring to roam around and go with the flow of things. For her, warm and earthy tones will be perfect for her down-to-earth nature and disposition.

Charles and Keith flatlay for the natural girl

For the Urbanite

The life of the group! She is the mood maker of the group. She is the most up to date with the current fashion trends. She is highly fashionable and without a hair out of place. Smart looking gifts like city boots and statement accessories will be highly appreciated by her.

Charles and Keith flatlay for the urbanite girl

For the Minimalist

For the girl who loves clean lines. She is the one whose bedroom is neat and simple. She is the epitome of chic and is stylish in her own unique way. For her, pristine palettes are the way to go.

Charles and Keith flatlay for the minimalist girl

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