You know how we all love to gossip sometimes? Especially when you’re talking for hours on your phone.  It’s portable, it’s lightweight, and you can do it in your living room, on your bed, and literally anywhere. So much calling and chatting to be done, that is if you have enough credit on your phone.

creditWhat your bossy aunt must be thinking.
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Luckily for you, we don’t live as we did in the past. If this happened 10 years ago, you’d have to suffer through a short period of disconnect while you rush down to the nearest convenience store to grab a top-up card.

Now that everything and anything can be found online, just a few clicks on the internet will give your phone life again. There are many ways to purchase credit top-ups online, but did you know you could get it from Qoo10?

Qoo10 sells a variety of instant top-up tickets where you can reload effortlessly. They are currently offering reloads for UMobile, Hotlink, Digi, Instant Mobile and Celcom XPax with values ranging from RM5 to RM110. You could also top up your phone credit with  Astro Njoi or FRIENDi.

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“But why should I purchase the top-up through Qoo10 rather than going through the service website itself?” You exclaim.

While Qoo10 does not seem to offer a lower price or any other incentive on their website, they have one thing that sets their service apart. (This includes reloads straight from the mobile service sites.)

They are on ShopBack, and that means you get Cashback!

To be more specific, up to 3% Cashback! So any purchase you make off the site, including top-up tickets, will be awarded a rebate in return. For phone credit top-ups, you’ll be awarded 1.5% cashback.

Here’s how to top-up using Qoo10 Reload and get Cashback in 4 simple steps:

1. Sign-up with ShopBack. You will need to be a ShopBack member to earn cashback.

It’s super easy and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Once you’re done, make sure you are still logged in and head on over to the Qoo10 Reload merchant page on ShopBack.



2. Click the ‘Shop Now’ button on the Qoo10 Reload Merchant Page and you’ll be redirected over to Qoo10.


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3. Once you’re at Qoo10, just type in the name of your mobile plan in the search bar and select the amount you want to top up.


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4. Purchase the reload and follow the instruction prompts on the website.

The whole process will take no time at all. And voilà! Your phone’s credit has been replenished! You’ve just got yourself some prepaid phone credit, just like that. Not to mention some extra Cashback! 


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Now you can go forth and call your Pak Ciks, Mak Ciks, Kaks, Bangs, grandparents, in-laws, their cats, or whoever you desire for a nice borak session!


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Remember to keep a lookout for Qoo10 Reload coupons to enjoy discounts.

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