Are you currently only editing your pictures and adding filters through the Instagram app? You should kick it up a notch and try out these few photo editing apps that can change your Instagram feed game! From filters, to functions, and even tools to add effects why not try out something new.


Image Credits: Snapseed | Facebook

Snapseed is a free app for both Android and iOS, with easy but professional photo editing features. The app will give you unique experiences in editing with its interactive Selection Tool, allowing users to control the brightness, contrast, saturation, or specific parts of the photo without altering the entire image. Other than that, users can also enjoy using the HDR Scape, Double Exposure, or Perspective Tool for more professional editing if needed.

A Color Story

Image Credits: A Color Story | Facebook

For Instagrammers that appreciate consistency in their feed, you’ll appreciate using the A Color Story app that allows you to download specific filter packs that fits perfectly into your brand colour and also able to customize your own filter. If you’d like your pictures to resemble a certain Instagram Influencer, this app partners with Influencers who create custom filter packs and effects that you can access through this app. You’ll also be able to use A Color Story on your computer as it is in collaboration with Photoshop or Lightroom for more detailed editing.


Image Credits: VSCO | Facebook

VSCO is one of the most widely used photo editing app worldwide, ranging from simple photo filters to playing with exposure, contrast, saturation, and many other functionality. Refining your photos will be easier by using VSCO rather than the usual Instagram filters. The app is simple to use and also has plenty of filters that will still keep your pictures looking natural. You can opt to purchase more filters in-app or use the pre-given filters that are already good enough for any Instagram feed. The app is both functional on Android and iOS, so do not fret!


Image Credits: Maria Rostovskaya | Afterlight Facebook

Afterlight is recommended by many editors and designers, an amazing app that is free for users of Android and iOS. However, you should note that there are in-app purchases for more functions. Just like most photo editing apps there are basic tools like controlling brightness, exposure, vignette, grain, shadows, and overlay. The unique feature about this app is the Fusion Tool that allows users to combine desired filters into one blended filter for more creativity and individualism for your pictures.


Image Credits: BLACK

For those who are in love with black and white photos or have a Instagram feed that consists of only B&W pictures, you should definitely try BLACK. It is perfect for creating noir-style photos, it even has presets for film like Kodak TRI-x 400, Fuji Neopan 400, and Ilford HPS, etc. You’ll also be able to control the shadows with a fade tool, tones and contract with a curve tool, and apply vignettes. The app only costs $0.99 for iOS users only.


Image Credits: TouchRetouch | Facebook


If you have unwanted objects or blemishes on a photo that you want to remove or edit before posting it up on Instagram, try the TouchRetouch. The app allows users to remove elements in the picture with just a few taps with just a low price ($1.99). Enjoy functions like Line Removal, Quick Repair, and many more to edit a perfect photo. You can edit out just about anything, from lines, to objects, even humans that are photobombing your picture can be removed! The photo editing app is available on both Android and iOS for an affordable price.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Image Credits: Adobe

The Adobe Lightroom is popular for editors ad designers to edit off the computer, however there is the mobile app version that is compatible for both Android and iOS as well. You get to play with advanced editing tools, like tone curves that changes colour, exposure, and contrast. Users can even copy edits across pictures to bulk edit. The app is free as for the basic features, to add-on you’ll need to purchase those other functions.


Image Credits: Nebi

Nebi is a photo editing app that allows users to add on effects like light leaks, bokeh, etc. The editing tools gives your photos a more vintage feel to your Instagram feed. The app is available across Android and iOS devices for free but you’ll be able to get more filters if you purchase in-app.


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