The worst thing in your life has happened. The main pipe in your bathroom has suddenly burst! There’s water everywhere. It’s starting to flood your bathroom or kitchen floor and you’re starting to panic.

Turning off the main water supply, you wonder what to do next. Yes, this is a major leak and you can’t fix it yourself. You’ll need a professional plumber to replace the pipe for you. However, that’s the next big headache. Where can you find a good plumber in KL?

Here are some platforms you can definitely try if you want to find a trustable plumber. A good plumber is one that will be able to complete the work well while not overcharging.


Kaodim is an online service platform where you can find all sorts of services, like moving vans, cleaners, renovators, electricians and of course, plumbers. The system is pretty transparent. All you have to do is state what service you would like and wait for the vendors (in this case, the plumbers) to send in quotes. You can compare their charges, and then pick the plumber with the best price and services offered.


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2. Who Do You

Who Do You is a platform that lists down available service providers near your home. The good thing is, each service provider is accompanied by reviews. This way, you can judge the quality and trustworthiness of your plumber based on the reviews of previous clients. Each plumber on the list is also rated on a scale of 0-10 based on relevancy and popularity.


3. Yelp Malaysia

Contrary to popular belief, Yelp isn’t just about restaurant reviews. You can also find home services like plumbers here. Each plumber or company is rated by previous reviewers, and you can also use the many filters to narrow your preferred price range, distance, rating, and special features.

Another useful feature on this site is a tag which states how long each vendor takes to respond to messages, so you know how efficient each one is. You can also use the specific button to request a quote from your preferred plumber.


Yelp Plumbers
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Despite being targeted at expatriates living in KL, this site actually has a good recommendation list of plumbers and other home services that are suitable for locals too. The plumbers recommended here have been posted by expatriates themselves, and so you can trust that they’ve done a good job. The only thing lacking is that there isn’t a rating or review system here, just a list with contact numbers.


pipes being repaired
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5. Lowyat Forums

Malaysia’s largest online forum may seem like a strange place to find a plumber, but here the reviews are as real as they come. Plumbers are found in a sub-section called the ‘Services Noticeboard’. Otherwise, you can just find the search bar at the bottom left hand of the page and type ‘plumber’ to search all the threads with this keyword.

Each thread is started by the plumbers themselves, and you can read the reviews of other Lowyat forum users who have used their services. You can trust Lowyat forum users to root out frauds and conmen, so whoever stays on the forum is at least reasonably priced.


6. ServisHero

ServisHero is actually an app that’s available for both Android and iPhone. With this app you can request home services, including plumbers. The app lets you compare quotes and then contact the best contractor for the job. The best part is that the app is completely free and you can take it anywhere with you. That means you can call a plumber even if you’re away from home.


For smaller plumbing issues that you want to try to tackle yourself, you can always buy your supplies and tools online. Sites like Lazada carry a very complete selection of replacement parts for sinks, faucets, flush systems and more. Use our Lazada promo codes for the mobile app for better deals each time you shop.