The 90s… The years when the passing of time was slower, when the yard was still a playground, when cassette tapes transitioned to CD albums (and personalised burned CDs), when the dilemma was the use of the telephone or the dial-up connection, when playtime in the afternoon meant going out to meet our neighbourhood friends, when toys were simpler yet they entertained us as much as our gadgets did today…

We miss those days. Do you miss them too?

Did You Know — Polly Pocket Made A Comeback

We might be happy with our smartphones and Overwatch games on the PC but it’d be nice if we get to see (and maybe, play with) some of our favourite toys of yesteryear. They’ve brought Polly Pocket back this June after all. They even have a version that might tickle your millennial fancy: it’s a “floatie” that looks like a flamingo. We all know the flamingos are the most millennial of animals, just like how the avocado is the quintessential millennial fruit.

Polly Pocket Flamingo Floatie
Image Credit: Polly Pocket | Mattel

Just look at it. It even has mini flamingo floaties for Polly and her friend to play with. We can’t wait to add them to our vintage Polly Pocket collection. You can purchase one at RM161.34 with a Lazada coupon code through ShopBack and get up to 11% cashback.

(Pro Tip: If you wait for big shopping events such as 11.11 during ShopFest, you can stand to save more simply because of the vouchers and coupons that merchants would be giving out.)

We bet you’re reminiscing now. We are too! Which is why we’ve compiled a list of 13 toys (and other things we played with) from the 90s we want back in our lives.

  1. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (of the 90s)

Yes, we need to include “Mighty Morphin’” and say it to the beat of the show’s intro. The Power Rangers toys of the 90s were majestic as can be. Hey, they had rotating heads! You can switch from regular human heads of the characters to their transformed “It’s Morphin’ Time” looks — it only depends on the plot line of your own Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger episode. They also used to produce the Zords and the Evil Space Aliens which made our playtime with the Power Rangers even more interesting.

power rangers
Image Credit: Power rangers on Pinterest
  1. Beyblade

Not all were good with Beyblades, the same way not all were skilled with the Malaysian gasing. Even then, most of us (especially boys) gave it a shot. We wanted to prove we can win a game of Beyblade strategy and technique… in our own neighborhoods.

Image Credit: Niklas Goeke on
  1. Bubble Balloon

Bubble balloon, plastic balloon, bubble plastic — They were called different things then but we all have huffed and puffed to inflate one. We even created different figures using each other’s balloons. And, do you remember the frustration when they pop or the satisfaction brought about by intentionally popping the small bubbles from the already popped balloons?

plastic balloon
Image Credit:
  1. Paper Dolls

They were cut outs made of paper or soft carton yet we craved for more looks. Girls had them in collections, and the best ones in the lot were the characters from Sailor Moon. Right or right?

paper dolls
Image Credit: Cruioso on flickr
  1. “Classic” Tamiya Car Kits

Oh, Tamiya days were the glorious days for us and the mind-boggling days for our fathers. We were young and so, we had the elders put together the pieces of our models. Once assembled, the race with any kid we meet who had one began.

Image Credit: MIKI Yoshihito on flickr

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thrown a tantrum over a Tamiya race track your parents won’t buy for you.

  1. Furby

Furby prototypes in the 90s were among the top selling children’s toys as creepy as they appear. They spoke in different languages and served as first pets for some of us. Do your recall that night when it turned on by itself?

  1. Multi-purpose Pencil Case

GIF Credit: Distractify Videos on GIPHY

Pencil cases may not exactly be toys but somehow they were pretty fun to play with. It was a “cool” thing to have in school. We showed off the many compartments, the built-in sharpener, the pull out ruler — they were the Transformers toys we can bring to school.

pencil case
Image Credit: Lucychan80 on flickr
  1. McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

We’re talking about the good and sturdy Happy Meals — the toys that start a new collection every new release. Remember their Hello Kitty series which featured the world-famous cat in various national costumes? How about their 101 Dalmatians collection? Each one did a different thing.

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happy meal
Image Credit: Chelci Humm on Pinterest
  1. Water Ring Toss

This was the old school “mobile game”. Our bodies moved with the rings with hope that they will land on poles. The competition was as serious as the Snake in old Nokia phones or Pokemon Go.

water ring toss
Image Credit: Filthy Casual on
  1. Tamagotchi

Before The Sims (released in the year 2000) or Farmville on Facebook, we had the handheld tamagotchi. We had a virtual pet whose poop we enjoyed cleaning up. Forget to feed it one time and the sad end breaks our hearts.

GIF Credit:
  1. Brick Game

It was the 90s version of the iPad or any Android tablet. It was THE electronic console that tested our intellects somehow with dot-matrix bricks and Tetris.

brick game
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
  1. Game Boy

Game boy is the updated version of the brick game and the predecessor of modern Nintendo consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Fixing any issue with it was as simple as blowing into the cartridge slot or the cartridge itself.

game boy
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
  1. Autograph Books

Have you ever wondered how cheesy you can get? Recall the things you have written on autograph books of your classmates in elementary school. A chill just went down your spine, huh? They were cheesier than the testimonials on your early 2000s Friendster testimonials, we bet.

slam book
Image Credit:

Then, remember when you had your own autograph book, and you had your crush sign simply because you wanted who know his or her crush was? It was more thrilling than today’s social media stalking.

Those were the days… Sigh. Nostalgia hit us writing this list. 90s toys and games flashback. How about you? Which toys or games from the 90s do you miss most? We’d love to know. Hit us up in the comment section!

*Featured Image Credit: Mike Meyers | Unsplash