You probably think you are a master of moisturising. You dip your fingers in the tub, scoop out some of that salve, and grease up the exterior of your meat costume. It’s idiot-proof!

Or is it?

You may be surprised, but some of the following are the most “Are you serious?” mistakes that people make. Unfortunately, we don’t have the slime-secreting phenotype of the snail and hagfish, so we can’t be skipping the moisturising routine, unless you’re saving your skin to be made into a leather handbag. Therefore, all the more we can’t afford to screw it up! With help from Althea, never make another moisturising mistake ever again!

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Not moisturising when your skin is oily

Doesn’t make sense to layer on more grease when your face is already a shiny marble, right? Wrong! Our skin is constantly under siege from the elements (air-conditioning, harsh drying cleaners, etc), and all this pressure is enough to leave the skin dehydrated and fragile. This alerts your epidermal sebaceous glands, which usually function at a benign level. Hey! The skin needs help! And so they start psychotically secreting oil to saturate the desert above. Well, they’re only doing their job. To ease up on the sebum supply, it’s even more important to apply a quality moisturiser, so that your sebaceous glands get the idea that, hey, slow down the flow, you know?

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Choosing the wrong type of moisturiser

Consonant with the point above, you shouldn’t be opting for an oil-based moisturiser if your sebaceous glands are already hyperactive. Look for a light, water-based one instead, and your skin will lap it up gratefully. Many Korean brands design water-based moisturisers specifically for Asian skin, and the formula is often takes the form of a glossy, part-gel part-jelly.

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However, these lightweight gels will provide scarce hydration for parched skin. Go for a richer, full-bodied moisturiser instead, and be sure to apply especially liberally around the nose and eyes.

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Applying too much pressure with your fingers

Remember the point above about tugging? It’s true. Sometimes moisturising does seem just a liiiiiitle bit tedious, especially when your eyelids are already fluttering sleepily. So, we rub our moisturiser into our skin with a manic rhythm, willing the substance to be absorbed just a liiiiiitle bit faster.

Look, it pains us to see you rubbing in that frenzy. Even chefs knead their pizza dough with more love.

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Moisturising should be a therapeutic routine. No need to break out all the scented candles and play some Frank Sinatra, but at least invest the time and do it gently. This will ensure you don’t rip the fine mesh of collagen that keeps you looking youthful. Use the balls of your palm for your jawline, and your fingertips for the delicate eye socket area.

Only moisturising your face

When you use a spatula to spread cream cheese frosting over a cake, you cover the entire cake, leaving no area exposed and crumbly. Do the same for your body! But not with cream cheese frosting.

Most of us moisturise our faces twice a day like clockwork, but stop short of anything below the jawline. Even if your face is all plump and velvety, your neck, hands, and chest skin can still betray your age. Do be sure to hydrate these areas too!

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