Qoo10 is a growing e-commerce site that houses many everyday items at affordable prices. But as always, you can never save enough money. I’ve personally used Qoo10 quite a number of times and their variety of products available never cease to amaze me. So, without further ado here are 10 hacks you can use to save money on Qoo10!

1. Q-points

PointBack Shop in Qoo10


Image Credit: Qoo10

Qpoints are the easiest way you can get a few ringgit off your purchases. And it’s simple to get Qpoints too. Simply log in to Qlounge everyday and you’ll be rewarded with 10 Qpoints every 6th day.

You can also visit the PointBack Shop (located in the Q-Lounge) to buy items that will give you Qpoints.

You can waive up to 30% off your purchases. 100 Qpoints can be exchanged for 1RM. In 1 purchase, you can redeem up to 500 Qpoints, up to 30% of the purchase.


2. Roulette Q 

Roulette Q on Qoo10

Image Credit: Qoo10

You can spin the Roulette Q daily to get more Qpoints, Gift Cards, Qoo10 Coupons and Mamemons after you get your daily Q-ticket. The first time you spin Roulette Q is free. The subsequent times would be after making a purchase.


3. Mamemons


mamemon on Qoo10

Image Credit: Qoo10

Catch Mamemons using Mameballs, that can be redeemed on the MameGo Map, and given as a prize on the Roulette Q. These Mamemons are hiding around Qoo10. Go to “MameGo! Chance” to look for the Mamemons in the stores. You’ll need the Qoo10 app on your smartphone so be sure to have it downloaded. 

A minimum of 10 Mamemons can be exchanged for 10 Qpoints so that another way to save money and have some fun along the way.


4. Q-stamps

Qoo10 Review Qstamps

Image Credit: Qoo10

Q-stamps can be exchanged for coupons and discounts as well as lucky draws on Qoo10. Get Q-stamps by leaving a review on something that you bought. Alternatively, you can participate in various Qoo10 events to win discount coupons and Q-stamps every day.  


5. Time Sales

Image Credit: Qoo10

Time Sales run for a limited time so you need to check the page periodically to get the best deals on Qoo10. This where you can get some of the cheapest deals available! Items vary every time so do keep a lookout and snap what you can before it’s gone.


6. Group Buy

Image Credit: Qoo10

Group Buy can only take effect when the minimum number of buyers have been fulfilled. Once that is fulfilled, you can also enjoy further discounts by applying coupons!


7. Bestsellers Corner

Image Credit: Qoo10

The Bestsellers Corner will tell you which are the Top 100 most popular items. This list updates every 3 hours so you’re always up to date.


8. Top Up Your Mobile Prepaid Card 

diji top up qoo10
Image Credit: Qoo10

We’ve told you about topping up your mobile prepaid card through Qoo10 before. You can find the top-up e-tickets under “E-Ticket” and top up your mobile prepaid card at your convenience. Don’t forget to use Q-points to enjoy more savings!


9. Buy Gift Card Credits (for extra money)

Qoo10 Gift Card

Image Credit: Qoo10

Top up 300RM of your Q-money at one go by searching for “Qoo10 Gift Card”, and get an additional 2% discount. That’s RM6 off! You can also just top up RM30, RM100 and RM 150.


10. Book Travel Tickets and Hotels

Qoo10 Leisure and Travel Winter Sonata Listing in Korea
Image Credit: Qoo10

Under the “Deal & Entertain” Section of the Menu, there are 2 categories that might be overlooked simply because it’s at the bottom of the list: “Hotel Booking”, “Leisure & Travel”. You can get e-tickets for restaurants, theme parks, and hotels from all over the world. You can use your accumulated Q-points and Q-stamps to get further discounts!