Selamat Hari Raya! The coming of Hari Raya signals the start of food preparation for festive feasting amongst your loved ones and close friends. If you lack helping hands or time for food preparation, why not turn to these food deliveries to help prepare your Hari Raya festive feasting! A plethora of themed menu Hari Raya has to offer this festive season, keep a tab on ShopBack for the latest upsized Cashback and promotions!

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  1. Foodpanda


Image credit: Madam Kwan’s | Facebook

Make life easier this Ramadan by ordering from Foodpanda! Whether you are looking for traditional Malay cuisine, or perhaps Halal Indian cuisine, you can easily find it on Foodpanda. Indulge in traditional Malaysian dishes with Madam Kwan, which offers delectable dishes such as Beef Rendang and Curry Tenggiri Fish. Alternatively, tuck into authentic Muslim-Indian meals such as Briyani and Butter Chicken from Namaste Indian Restaurant!

  1. PappaDelivery


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Enjoy a fusion of traditional Malaysian and Western dishes with PappaDelivery! Whether you are planning to break fast with your loved ones and relatives or even with your colleagues, PappaDelivery delivers restaurant-quality and Halal-certified meals that will definitely whet your tastebuds. Moreover, their extensive menu will surely not disappoint, with food options that include Curry Laksa, Ipoh Kway Teow Soup as well as western fares such as Fish and Chips. It will definitely suit the taste buds of both children and the elders this Hari Raya!

  1. Cat & the Fiddle

Cat & the Fiddle

Image credit: Cat & the Fiddle MY | Facebook

There is nothing like indulging in sweet treats during this festive Ramadan period. Treat your relatives and loved ones to delightful and tantalising cheesecakes from Cat & the Fiddle! Offering a plethora of flavours ranging from the classic oreo cheescake to unique creations such as Milo Dinosaur cheesecake, these mouthwatering cheesecakes are a great and sweet way to buka puasa. With so many unique choices, you wouldn’t want to stop at purchasing just one cake. So go ahead, order them all! (pssst… we won’t judge!)

  1. Koyara


Image credit: Koyara | Facebook

Hoping to encourage healthy eating amongst your relatives this Hari Raya? Why not order from Koyara then? Healthy food delivery KL is the new black and being Malaysia’s number one health store, you can find plenty of Halal and organic food products. Moreover, these healthy snacks such as nuts and corn chips from Koyara are a great way to encourage your relatives and friends to eat healthily even if they are feeling peckish during this festive period!

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  1. HappyFresh


Image credit: K Market | Facebook

The K-wave has certainly hit Malaysia with its various forms of Korean influences: Korean drama, and most importantly, Korean cuisines. A switch-up from the usual, how about some Korean cuisines this Hari Raya? Thanks to HappyFresh, the accessibility, and purchasing premium imported goods are now made easy; you now have access to Halal Korean merchandises simply with a few swipes and touches from your fingers! Pamper your guests with Korea’s signature banana milk (Halal-certified of course) or perhaps even concoct a fusion dish of your own by adding a touch of Korean kimchi into the dishes as well.

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  1. Eatigo

eatigo promotion
Image Credit: Eatigo

Or if you’re still keen to head out for a meal with Eatigo – you can do it at a dime too! Even at your favourite feasting spot! So long your booking is made in advance, you are guaranteed a discount! What’s more, if you’re eating during an off-peak period, you can expect up to 50% discount off your final bill! Enjoy greater discounts when you use Eatigo vouchers!

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*First Published 23 Jun 2017, Last Updated 24 May 2018