We get to go out post work every Friday night. We enjoy binge watching our favorite series. There’s that sense of independence when we drive to work or take the train. Nothing explains the excitement when our online orders finally arrive. These are simple things that give us joy. But it would be a lie to say we’ve never imagined ourselves being crazy rich…

Overflowing champagne glasses, non-stop wine toasts, friendship with celebrities, a walk-in closet of designer clothes, chilling on our own island, travelling via a private helicopter, numerous HD Instagram posts…

They all seem like a dream but there really are people who relish those pleasures as if they are simple daily joys. Let’s meet some real crazy rich Malaysians.

The Conglomerate Rich Malaysians

Robert Kuok

Robert Kuok
Image Credit: successstory.com

The list will not be complete without including the richest person in Malaysia, Robert Kuok. Kuok owns businesses in the shipping, oil, real estate, hotel, and commodity industries. He is the name behind the international giants Shangri-La Hotels and Wilmar International.

Goh Peng Ooi

Goh Peng Ooi
Image Credit: silverlakeaxis.com

The software and business skill set combo is a rare kind. If perfected and persisted can skyrocket one to crazy richness. Goh Peng Ooi did it. His financial software, Silver Axis, has been servicing banks and companies all over Asia and Africa since 1994.

Patrick Grove

Patrick Grove
Image Credit: @patrickgrove on Twitter

The tech-business skill set also propelled Patrick Grove to becoming one of Malaysia’s richest. His portfolio boasts reputable names like Catcha Group, iProperty Group, Iflix, and Kuala Lumpur Internet City among many others. Grove’s success has allowed him to have access to life’s many pleasures. An example is owning a waterfront house in one of the world’s most famous cities.

Tony Fernandes

Tony Fernandes
Image Credit: wikimediacommons.com

The man who made flying for everyone possible through AirAsia among Malaysia’s richest. Tony Fernandes has tapped the hotel and sports industries as well through Tune Hotels and Caterham Group.

David Kong

David Kong
Image Credit: nirvanamalaysia.blogspot.com

Kong Hon Kong (a.k.a. David Kong) earned his wealth and success from Nirvana Asia, his own full service funeral company. The company houses columbarium, cemetery, and funeral home properties in Southeast Asia.

The Young and Crazy Rich Malaysians

Datuk Muhammad Saiful Muhamad Ali

Muhammad Saiful Muhamad Ali earned his “Datuk” title when he became a recipient of the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang Award in 2015. He owns businesses of car wash, recording studio, scrap metal, convenience stores, and others. His 21st birthday went viral in 2017 for its lavishness. Let’s just say there was Rolls Royce, full escort, a private jet, and high profile guests and performances.

Sylvia Yin

Loving fashion doesn’t mean shelling out money all the time. Sometimes, you just need to create your platform. That’s the case for Sylvia Yin. She put her love for clothes and accessories into smart use. Now, she is the owner of the fashion curating mobile app Shoppr with her co-founders. The app services over 10 countries including Korea, Italy, and France with over 500,000 products and over 3,000 eCommerce brands.

Yen Kuok

Yen is the daughter of the formerly mentioned richest man in Malaysia, Robert Kuok. No doubt she made it to our list. But that isn’t the sole reason. Yen has been involved fashion business since she was in college — a businesswoman herself.

Yi Ping Teo

Yi Ping is daughter to one of Malaysia’s richest businessmen, Tan Sri Teo Chiang Hong. But she is not only rich by blood association but she’s already made a name on her own. She is the founder of the concept boutique Recyclothes and is the very much in demand PR and Marketing Executive of Melium Group.

The Heiress Rich Malaysian

Chryseis Tan

Chryseis Tan has been living the life of the crazy rich human being since birth being the daughter of the conglomerate founder, Vincent Tan. Her Instagram account boasts bountiful living from designer clothing and bags, to private planes, to partying with celebrities, to frequent travels…

The Celebrity Rich Malaysians

Muhammad Shafieq Shazwan Zamros

Better known as Afiq, Muhammad Shafieq Shazwan Zamros is a child celebrity. His fame began when he joined a TV singing competition at the age of 11. Hs has been singing and acting in the local entertainment industry since then.

Alongside his showbiz fame is his social media fame. Afiq is among the most followed young Malaysians on Instagram. His page frequently showcases the dream “chill” kind of life.

Isyraf Danish

Isyraf also among the most followed young Malaysians on Instagram. He is the son of model-actress Datin Zyla Ariffin but has gained a lot of following because of his musical.ly and dubsmash videos. You can see him on his page frequently posing with sports cars and out in the world, travelling.

The Political Family Rich Malaysian

Alyanna Mukhriz

Alyanna belongs to a political family being the daughter of Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir and the granddaughter of Tun Mahathir. She’s rich, young, has a solid set of followers on Instagram, and goes to Imperial College Business School, as per her Instagram bio.

There you have them — the crazy rich Asians of Malaysia. Whether or not you have begun to envy them after reading the list, one thing can be concluded — with a lot of money comes a lot of sports cars, tailored coats, and designer purses.

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