What are some money traps that people fall for on vacation?

1) Buying clichéd Hawaiian shirts and Vietnamese conical hats for a moronic and ironic outfit.

2) It’s raining moneeehhh, not, at the casino.

A thermal spa in Budapest, Hungary

Image credit | commons.wikimedia.org

What’s one area that people scrimp on but is actually worth the yen, dollar, or pound? Spa treatments! Of course, this doesn’t mean wildly blasting through your budget with a diamond dust exfoliating session, followed by a caviar-based body wrap. Why bother, when all the relaxing aftereffects will evaporate the moment you receive your credit card bill? Settling for a cheap, half-hearted, and weirdly suggestive rubdown by mediocre masseuses may also leave you more tense than you began with. The golden benchmark is to exit the spa with muscles as tender as a slab of Kobe beef. Here are some of the choicest spas in the world which will achieve just that, and all in the affordable range too!! Book your hotels through Hotels.com using ShopBack, you can even earn 6% cashback!

1) Spa Bambu, Florblanca Resort, Costa Rica

spa bambu florblanca treatment costa rica

Image credit | florblanca.com

You know how some shady spas play ambience music of gurgling water which is supposed to soothe the mind, but makes you question if the sound effect was recorded from a flushing cistern? This isn’t one of those places. Spa Bambu is peacefully perched over waterfalls, where the only kind of shady comes from giant lily petals. Don’t eye Spa Bambu’s Costa Rican Coffee Scrub suspiciously, thinking ‘Is this a joke? I’m here to relax, not to have caffeine rubbed all over me and stay wide awake for the next 48 hours.’ This treatment is one of Spa Bambu’s signatures, involving full body polishing with aromatic oils.

2) Iridium Spa, The St. Regis Lhasa Resort, China

The St. Regis Lhasa Resort Iridium Spa

Image credit | starwoodhotels.com

At the Iridium Spa, the atmosphere is warm with traditional Tibetan hospitality. There’s no point in boasting of luxurious treatments if they don’t benefit that particular visitor, and this is what sets the Iridium Spa apart from the rest. Guests receive personal consultations from the experienced therapists, and are then prescribed herbs and treatments which are most beneficial for them. With the spa being located 12,000ft above sea level, it’s a pendulum back-and-forth of agitated awe and restful relief.

3) The Eden Spa, Juicy Oasis, Portugal

The Eden Spa Juicy Oasis Portugal

Image credit | juicyoasis.com

While waiting for your turn to be pampered at The Eden Spa, you can curl up in one of the ceiling-mounted Cacoons and gently sway into a deep slumber. The Eden Spa’s repertoire includes all the basic treatments, but the bee’s knees is their one-and-only rainforest experience with the Italian-conceived ‘Vichy’ shower. Ladies can be exclusively treated to one of The Eden Spa’s Tantric Massages, which definitely aren’t for the conservative. These massages are incredibly sensual, and will sprinkle tender touches on almost all of your body parts, including your chest and behind. Needless to say, prepare to go in the nude.

4) DNA Fitness by 38˚ North, Ibiza, Spain

DNA Fitness 38 degrees North spa, Spain

Image credit | thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com

As the global champion in per capita hedonism and intoxicated bad decisions, Ibiza may not surface immediately as a health destination. However, DNA Fitness promises to raise your adrenaline levels without raising the roof, via trusty ol’ exercise. This health retreat is so dedicated to firming up your 9-to-5 wobbly pudding booty into buns of steel that they actually zoom right in to analysing your DNA, which explains the namesake. Get a personalised diagnosis and exercise plan and leave the retreat feeling lean and mean, even after just a week!

5) Royal Palm, Beachcomber, Marrakech, Morocco

Beachcomber Hotel Royal Palm Marrakech spa, morocco

Image credit | beachcomber-hotels.com

The Royal Palm Marrakech resembles a Moroccan palace, where all can have their stress magically kneaded away by the deft fingers of the skilful masseuses. The geometry of the indoor pool calls to mind the charming piscine publiques, or public pools, of 20th century Paris. Of course, no Moroccan spa would be authentic, acceptable even, without the liquid gold of Morocco, argan oil. This family-friendly spa has a separate play area with a pottery-shaping section and cooking classes. Definitely helpful to keep your little tots entertained for several hours while you soak up the bliss.

6) Fivelements, Bali, Indonesia

Fivelements Bali Spa indonesia, Bali

Image credit | fivelements.com

The architecture of this award-winning spa reflects the traditional Balinese beliefs of living in harmony with the environment. There are no sharp angles or serrated edges here. All the rooms are smoothened in a circular shape, and the retreat is built using natural materials, such as bamboo. Healing rituals are holistic and engage the mind in becoming more attuned to Mother Nature. Let the healers home in on all your tense muscles with the precision of migrating swallows. The reinvigorating bodywork sessions may leave you ravenous, so do tuck in to their menu of deliciously raw, vegan menu. Most ingredients are home-grown in their own garden, and the meals are the perfect way to round off the day.

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