We all get a little stressed sometimes. There are too many things to do, too many people to entertain, and far too many emotional things to deal with…

Here are some things you can buy when you feel the little bubble of stress stretch too far; besides pulling at your hair or doing something equally self-destructive, you might as well take the stress out on your wallet and do some retail therapy. But if you’re stuck at work, or in a lecture, then it might be a little difficult for you to whip out your wallet and stroll out of school/the office and into the streets to shop.

Thankfully for you, Qoo10 is here to help with your not-so-sneakily-done retail therapy. And in order to prevent you from stressing out even further on how you are going to de-stress, here are some things that can be found on Qoo10, suggested for your stress relief routines.

Stress and relax

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All-time favourite:

Bubble wrap.

Roll of bubble wrap

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As weird as it sounds, bubble wrap and its popping goodness can be considered to be the staple when it comes to stress-relief. Most of us have been at the stage where the bubble-killing just soothed the troubles right out of our tormented minds and bodies, right?

Artsy fartsy:

Secret Garden Colouring Book

For those who gets soothed by both beauty and by doing very, very repetitive things, then check out Secret Garden’s series of colouring books.

Lago Night View Scratch Cards

Or perhaps you would want some Lago Night View Scratch Cards? Simply use a special wooden pen to scratch of the metallic grey covering to reveal the shimmering city.

Be sure to get the relevant art supplies (colour pencils, markers, watercolours, etc) while you’re at it!


foldable treadmill

For those who prefer a more physical form of outlet for your stress, you might want to consider some indoor stress relief? You could get a yoga mat for some quiet time at home, or an exercise ball to bounce on in the office to work off your nervous anxiety.

Or, you could get a foldable treadmill from Qoo10, both for use in the office and at home. It’s portable! Plus, you can expend some energy just by lugging it around.


Korean snacks

For those who have the munchies when the going gets tough, Qoo10 definitely also has things for you! Try getting some cup/instant noodles, or Qoo10’s whole range of Korean snacks?


USB electronic roll up drum

We also understand that some might need music to soothe their soul. And Qoo10 – thankfully— has a USB roll up drum set with sticks and pedals for you to drum all your frustrations out… minus the noise complaints from your neighbours. If you happen to live in a place surrounded by wilderness, however, you can blast your songs from some stereo speakers as loudly as you want, just remember: Qoo10 does not sell replacement eardrums, so be careful with the volume.


Cute romantic nightlights

There is just something incredibly soothing about muted LED lights that shine in the dark so steadily. Sleep in peace knowing that your stress monsters can be kept at bay with some night lights!


Robotic care Back Massager

Sometimes lower back, shoulder and neck aches can really drain your energy and leave you more vexed than ever before. Grab some electronic massagers on Qoo10 and hopefully your stress will dissipate with your body aches and pains.

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