Table White Home Interior

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Revamping your living space can provide you with a more conducive environment for both work and rest. Start sprucing up your home today with these awesome pieces of furniture from HipVan that fulfils both style and functionality!

1. Flabber Bean Bag Sofa

Flabber Bean Bag Sofa - Light Brown

Nothing spells comfort like a bean bag. More than just a regular bean bag, the Flabber Bean Bag Sofa provides back and arm support plus bonus points for style. The perfect furniture to wind down on after a long day at work!

Before cashback – RM 633.92

After 2% cashback – RM 621.20

2. Tertius Multi Shelving Cabinet

Tertius Multi Shelving Cabinet - Cocoa

Whether you’re a book lover or not, a well-designed shelf adds both style and functionality to your living space. The Tertius Multi Shelving Cabinet is the perfect furniture to display trinkets, house books, or even serve as a home for your plants.

Before cashback – RM 751.65

After 2% cashback – RM 736 

3. Myron Rectangular Coffee Table

Myron Rectangular Coffee Table

Living spaces can be crammed, especially if you are living in a city. This Myron Rectangular Coffee Table can double as a study or work table and it takes up relatively less space than a regular table. What a way to save space and still have an awesome table!

Before cashback – RM 600.72

After 2% cashback – RM 588.7

4. Rattan Wall and Base with Legs

Rattan Wall and Base with Legs

Nothing conveys style more than simplicity. Its convenient size makes the Rattan Wall and Base cabinet is suitable for almost every room in the house. This is an excellent and versatile indoor storage option for the modern household.

Before cashback – RM 540.34

After 2% cashback – RM 529.60

5. Loveseat Swing Chair

Loveseat Swing Chair

Add something special to your living space with this Loveseat Swing Chair. Admit it, you know those who have swinging chairs in their house are cool. Be it the perfect place to snuggle up with your significant other or simply a chair to chill-out by yourself, get it as a comfortable and fun addition to your living space.

Before cashback – RM 1355.39

After 2% cashback – RM 1328.28

HipVan features fantastic furniture, cutlery, decor and more. If you’re thinking of building the perfect living space, look no further than HipVan and use ShopBack to get 2.0% cashback!