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Instagram and Facebook are great places to store your favourite memories. Photobook Worldwide’s customisable calendars are great because it gives you a chance to reminisce memories on a daily basis throughout the year! There’s a certain sense of nostalgia that comes with printed and developed photos you don’t quite get with looking through social media.

Here are some of the beautiful, customisable calendar themes which not only look great on your wall or your desk, but also make great gifts for loved ones!

To Reminisce Your Favourite Travel Adventure

Travel In Mind

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You know how you go on a holiday and tell yourself you’ll definitely come back again, but then you don’t? Well, if you had a desk calendar that reminded you of how awesome your holiday was, how beautiful the sceneries were, you’ll definitely revisit travel destinations you swore you would return to.

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After cashback: RM60.72

Tropical Horizons


tropical horizons photobook calendar

This travel-themed wall calendar doubles up as a little exhibition for your amazing travels in your home. There’s really nothing wrong with showing off your enviable photos on the walls of your living room!

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After cashback: RM78.32

To Commemorate a Special Union

Together Forever

Together forever photobook calendar

together forever photobook calendar

It’s always sweet to look back on the day you exchanged your vows with your significant other. Sometimes the busyness of life can make you forget how much you love your significant other. Daily reminders of why you said “I do” are always helpful in being grateful for your partner and family!

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After cashback: RM69.52

Engagement Year

engagement year photobook calendar

engagement year photobook calendar

Wedding-themed calendars also make great gifts for newly weds! If you know of any close friends or family members who are tying the knot soon, a calendar filled with the most memorable moments of their wedding would be a beautiful addition to their new home!

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After cashback: RM52.80

To Remember Your Little Bundles of Joy


double trouble photobook calendar

double trouble photobook calendar

There’s nothing like looking back at old photos and seeing how much your kids have grown! There’s nothing wrong with being the biggest fan of your kids so you don’t have to be shy about customising a calendar filled with their happy, smiling faces. Every kid is, after all, the pride and joy of their parents!

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After cashback: RM69.52

Peach Perfect

peach perfect photobook calendar peach perfect photobook calendar

Just like wedding-themed calendars, baby-themed calendars also make great gifts for loved ones. Compile a series of photos of their baby’s first months and gift them the calendar the next new year! It’s no surprise if they keep staring at this desk calendar all day while they’re at work.

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After cashback: RM60.72

To Remember the Little Things in Life

Asia Express

asia express photobook calendar asia express photobook calendar

Perhaps what you cherish are the little moments in life. This simple, minimalist calendar design is just the design to go with seemingly ordinary, yet special everyday moments! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling at an unexpected memory of a simple moment from a few years ago each time you flip over to the next month!

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After cashback: RM69.52

To Profess Your Love

Simple Chemistry

simple chemistry photobook calendarsimple chemistry photobook calendar

To celebrate your love, a customised calendar filled with special memories of you and your partner would be a great way to cherish all the times you had together. Highlight a special moment the both of you had and celebrate great milestones!

Before cashback: RM69.00
After cashback: RM60.72

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Prices are accurate as of 11 January 2017.