Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, has a large and vibrant economy. It, therefore, attracts many Malaysians from outside of KL who come here to work or to start a business. Most of those who migrate to KL are young people who are just starting out on their journey into adult life. Apart from this, KL also attracts many expatriates who come here on a contract basis, or who have decided to settle down here.

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If you’re settling down in KL, one of the first things you want to do is find a place to stay. Sharing houses is pretty common in KL as it helps everyone save on money and increase the affordability of housing in KL.


Here’s how you can start room hunting:

1.Deciding On A Budget

Room rentals can vary widely from location to location in the Klang Valley. You’ll find that the closer you are to downtown KL, the more expensive the rental rates get. Financial experts suggest that you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your gross monthly income on rent. This means that if you earn RM3,000 a month, your rent should be no more than RM900 a month.

However, in reality, with the prices of other daily items being relatively higher in KL, a better estimate should be about 25% of your earnings. Using the same example, you should spend about RM750 or less on rent.

2. Picking A Location

There are several factors that determine the rental rate of a room.

  1. Room size: Master bedrooms with attached bathrooms tend to be the priciest in a house. If your room is smaller and you have to share a common bathroom, then it will be more affordable.
  2. Proximity to public transport: The nearer you are to an LRT or MRT station, the higher the rental rates. Rooms that are secluded, and that you need a car to drive to, usually have lower rental rates.
  3. Property value: Rental rates are also determined by the value of the property you’re staying in. Rooms in newer high-end apartments will cost more than a room in a low-cost flat.
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Here are some examples from real room rental ads found on Mudah. my, Malaysia’s largest online selling site:

  • Master bedroom in Bukit Bintang: RM 1200 per month
  • Master bedroom in Titiwangsa: RM800 per month
  • Small room in Cheras (next to MRT): RM550 per month
  • Shophouse room in Maluri: RM200 per month

So based on your budget, you’ll have to decide on the best place to stay. Many people choose to live nearer their workplace in downtown KL or at least nearby public transport, especially train stations. Room rates here are higher, but you save on transport and travel time.

If you choose to stay further away from downtown KL and public transport, room rates would be cheaper but you’d have to spend on travel and vehicle upkeep. Not to mention you’d have to brave KL’s notorious traffic jams and that takes a lot of travel time.

Shopping For A Room Online

There are many room rental sites and apps in Malaysia apart from Mudah.my. They include iBilik, MyRent, Speedrent, Roomly and Roomz.Asia. Finding a room online offers many benefits, including being able to compare prices, compare room sizes and get a feel of the room quality beforehand.

Always make sure you visit a room to see if it meets your standards before committing to any payment or signing any documents.

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Closing The Deal

In order to start renting a room in Malaysia, the standard practice is to prepare 2 and a half months rent money in advance. Here’s the breakdown:

1 month rental = Deposit
1 month rental = First month rent money
1/2 month rental =Electricity, water & internet deposit.

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Both the rental and utilities deposit are returnable once your contract ends and you move out. This brings us to our next point. Make sure you sign a contract. This legally binding agreement will protect you against cheating and unwanted incidences. It will also minimize disagreements between you and the owner, as well as your housemates.

If you’re moving in, you can always buy anything you need online. These home and living cashback discount vouchers can be used to ease your bank account and make moving in a more pleasant experience.